SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 69

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We are sharing with you interview experience of star wars
Here is my interview experience.
Reporting Time: 10:30 Interview Time:12:30 Place: CHANDIGARH
Panel: 3 Women, 1 Male. (Panel Head Lady P2)
P1 (Women; Young; subject matter expert in Economics)

P2(Women ; Old; Panel Head – Senior IAS; subjects – Engineering , FINANCE, HR)
P3(Women; Old; No Idea)
P4(Men(***hole); Late 40s; subject asked – Maths)

So, the process begins (They are all talking in HINDI and seem hell bent to conduct the process in HINDI, so my strategy is simple. Whenever confident of the question at hand speak in English, whenever unsure, tone down my voice, use HINDI and a constant smile on my face which is almost contagious and keeps the panel relaxed and at times too relaxed. The panel being comprised primarily of Female was an advantage as I think I connect with women at many levels, moreover I wanted to use sentiments wherever possible  )
Process Begins ….
P2 – So, you did Engineering from PEC and MBA from FMS, Did you not get placed?

Me – (I am thinking “the biodata form is with them, Can’t the read the f***ing thing). No maam, I got placed in a Benchmark Quality systems pvt. Ltd. But worked there for only 3 months.

P2 – Seems confused, but you have worked in Accenture for 3 years.

Me – Maam, I got placed in Accenture post my Engineering and at the age 25 I got into MBA and at age 27 I got placed in MBA college.
P2 – 75000/pm (she is laughting). Why did you leave the job?

Me – (I am thinking “should I tell the truth?”. And I eventually got emotional ) Maam to tell you the truth I have only mentioned the FIXED salary. The total salary stood @ 1.25 Lk/ month. The truth is that the company was “bad”(theek nahi thi – in HINDI)
P2 – Amused (Clear Disbelief). Matlab??

Me – Maam, they misrepresented facts. When the came to our college for placements, they said that their clients list includes Coca colar, Pepsi, …. All the major companies you can think of. But when I joined I realized that they were not a consulting firm. All that they did was Six Sigma Trainings. If a person comes from Coca cola for a training in Six Sigma, you can’t say that Coca Cola is your Client. Moreover Maam, the day I joined they restructured my salary from 1.25 fixed to 75k fixed and 50k variable.

P2- (Not Convinced). But still, you were getting 75k??

Me – (Very emotional by now, but I kept my nerves down and stated more facts) Maam the revenue of the company was only 3 crore and they could not practically pay me. I realized that I get committed a great mistake and ended up being in a small company belonging to a virtually petite Industry.

P2- Then Why did you not Switch or apply in a new job??

Me – Maam after 3 months of work exp. I was hanging in the middle. The campus placements were long gone and I could only apply in “LATERAL” Channel. But with 3 months of work Experience my profile was not attractive. (She nodded and looked convinced. I knew my gap has been answered and I took a sigh of relief)

P2 – You did Engineering from PEC. Is an esteemed Institute (I am thinking that I am f**ked, as they are going of ask technical questions now). Me – Yes, Maam, it becamed deemed university in 2005
P2 – Yes, I know. You must be really good then??

Me – smiling sheepishly.

P2 – What are the laws of Thermodynamics ??

Me – (Continue smiling as if I am caught taking a bribe. I gather the strength and tell them upfront) Maam, its been an eon since I left Engineering college, I am sorry, I won’t be able to answer that convincingly)

P2 – But we left our college 30-35 years ago , p3 resonates with P2.

Me – Sorry maam, but I can’t. But ya I am quite comfortable with Maths as I did it extensively during Engineering/.

P4 – (Jumps in) Prove me that addition is the fundamental thing and all function be it Multiplication, Division and subtraction are derived from it.

Me – I tried, but couldn’t convince him. Although I thought his explanation was good and I could have tried it. Anyways. Question Unanswered.

P4 – When you write 0-9 why do you write 10 after 9?? Me – ( what kind of a question is this ??) Sir, after we are exhausted with all the digits we have to go to the next number and write 1 there. This is true for number system with Base 10.

P4 – (Not convinced) But why 1 ?????? Me – (this went on for a while)….

P4 – “1 is a carry”

Me – (Are you serious man??)

P4 – You don’t know mathematics (almost mocking like a bully in the school)

Me – Sir, I am good with computations and pretty fast at them, I have honed my skills ( I got a bit disturbed at his response and wanted to give him a little taste of me ) (I knew that the process is a battle of egos uptill now. All the panelists want to show off their knowledge. If you happen to know it, well, good for you, else, God knows… In this heat the best strategy is to submit yourself when you don’t know a question that you are supposed to know, but forget the ego driven questions)

1/3rd of the process is over & I have not answered one question correctly. But, I have ensured that they don’t trouble me with any Engineering sh*t.

P1- So you have done your MBA is Finance & Economics?

Me – Yes maam (well that was a ploy, I have been studying Fin-Eco for RBI, & didn’t want to give them the opportunity to ask me marketing/HR/Org. behaviors/Operaions Management/IT/etc….)

P1 – Who is Adam Smith ?? Me – Father of Economics P1 – What book did he write??

Me – Don’t remember, but he believed in free economy and said that “if left uninterrupted market forces will bring every thing to equilibrium, and doesn’t require any Gov. intervention”

P1 – Who wrote Communist Menifesto?

Me – Carl Marx

P1 – What did he say about “surplus”? Me – Maam I don’t know. P1 – What did he say about classs struggle? Me – Maam, in the industrial era, there were 2 classes – the burgesis and I don’t remember the other .But the workers would work and were hand to mouth and the owners would be living lives of surplus.

P1- You don’t know?

Me – Sorry maam, but I did MBA and we had a subject on Macro Economics and not full fledged Economics.

P1 – Still, you have mentioned the Economics is your area of interest. You should know Carl Marx. ( I am like le lo meri ab). She then asks “What is Amartya Sen’s contribution to Economics??

Me – Maam, all I remember is that when I studied about “poverty” I saw one formula given by him. Also, he has done work mainly on the grassroots ( P2 is enticipating something and I say), Maam he emphasized on “inclusion”

P1 – That the key word ! “inclusion”

Me – ( I am thinking “what else can you expect in an SSC interview. These guys are looking for key words in all the answers. The mathematician wants to hear “carry 1”, this women wants “inclusion” for Amartya Sens. But the way I look at it after the process is that these people are subject matter experts. To them any prominent ‘word’/”work” belongs to a PERSON. And they judge a candidate on their own perception of knowledge)

2/3rd of the interview is over.

P2 – So you have studied Finance? What is Portfolio?

Me – (thinking how does she know?? She must have my mark sheets??) Maam it is method of diversifying risk by investing in a large pool of securities of varied Risk and Return and thereby getting a portfolio wherein we will get for the same return as any market security, but with much lesser risk. I explain further, “One one end of the spectrum we have G-Sec which are least risky, unless it is Greece(I was smiling, but they didn’t seem amused, I realized that none was Finance Expert and I got a cue that I can ride this wave) and on the other we have equities”

P2 – Got a little uneasy and asked me what is Fixed Income Security?? (By this time I knew she was scrolling through my certies)

Me – Maam any security that offers a fixed rate of return in the form of coupon payments is a FIS. For e.g. G-Sec give fixed returns, bonds of a corporation offers fixed return and Fixed Deposit in a Bank offer fixed payment.

P2 – What is the difference between a debenture and a share??

Me – Maam a debenture is a Fixed income security that offers a fixed return to investors, whereas a Share is the residual claims of the shareholders. (p3 also nods along). So maam if a company makes high profits then even after distributing dividends whatever surplus the company has goes into “Reserves and Suplus” and increases the value of shares. (P2 seems satisfied by now)

P3 – What is green revolution ? Me – In mid 60s we had consecutive years of draught and we were importing grains form U.S. which were insipid. So we decided to revolutionize our cropping and we used Fertilizers and irrigation to grow Wheat and Rice to make ourselves self dependent.

P3 – Is green revolution related to Red Revolution?

Me – Sorry maam, no idea. ( I feel drawn in and I say ) is red revolution related to “meat”

P2 – Don’t guess it. You are way off the mark. (Laughing) So, you sing also, you have performed in places?

Me – Yes Maam, Old songs. I like thems as I grew up on them.

P4 (A**hole): So, do you sing Sehgal’s songs in ( in a mocking way; I guess he was there to basically irritate people).

Me – No Sir, Not Sehgal ( with all the expression I could use, everybody was in laughters). I like Rafi, he had a sweet voice.

P2 – Thank you.

Interview over.

The Strategy was to get away from technical questions and guide the interview towards Finance and Economics and even Singing and other Extra Currics. But this was a 60% performance as per my understanding I was blank in B.E.. But I made sure I am smiling all the while and showed attitude by confronting my pitfalls and not taking the stupid time consuming wasteful questions seriously. I didn’t want them to ask me more than 1 question in B.E. I completely exposed myself to any Finance questions though I admitted that Economics was just 1 subject in MBA. Moreover, being a feminine panel did help. Although most of the other candidates had a mixed to bad response, I handled it well. I feel, ladies make great interviewers as they are much more sensitive than men and hence I knew confronting my weaknesses would not result in big -ve marks as my profile had a many other ammunitions. So, overall it was an average performance.

What do you guys think should I expect in terms of marks ??

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