SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 9

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you CPT/DEST experience of Manish Chauhan
here is my DEST experience,
My DEST was scheduled to start by 10 am .So, reached the center by 9:30, entry began at 9:50. Then, we were taken to a room, where attendance was marked  and thumb
impressions were taken electronically as well as on attendance sheets. Then we were made to fill admit cards( small rectangular ones, similar to those which  we filled during tier 1 and tier 2 exams). Then the officer from SSC gave instructions like sample passage and 2 minutes of typing, which won’t be evaluated, then main passage will be provided which is very easy and most people take 12 or 13 minutes, hence no need to panic and should  not save passage before the alloted 15 minutes get over and  passage will automatically be saved at the end . Also, the main focus of the examiners will on efficiency, i.e. spelling mistakes and accuracy will be of highest priority. Then, we were shifted to a computer room where  sample passages were already present.
Then after typing the passage in commencement of 15 minutes, we were asked to take printouts of our passage and write 2 lines in our handwriting. then after submitting these, we left the room.

PLEASE DON’T CLICK ON ACTUAL PASSAGE UNTIL THE ACTUAL PASSAGE SHEETS ARE PROVIDED. Just before the 2 minutes end, we are provided the actual passage sheet, then we can click and start with actual passage.

A piece of advice :  Please don’t get nervous after hearing the loud key presses from other people. If possible, for the first minute or so , type slowly and efficiently , and then, once you get over the nervousness, you can type quickly. Passages are generally easy and most people finish them in 12 or 13 minutes.

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