SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 8

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you CPT/DEST experience of  Vikas Anand

DEST experience (11/07/15) : NR
Senior official gave very useful instructions (Dos’ & Donts’) for 10 odd minutes to make a few nervy candidates feel comfortable. tongue emoticon
-2 mins were given for trial typing to get a feel of the keyboard .

Then you can begin your main passage.
I was confident of finishing it off under 10 mins (based on my speed when I try difficult TOI/Hindu business articles).
The passage they gave in DEST was a cake-walk compared to those TOI/Hindu business articles, not even a single bracket, special character, numerical strokes, currency etc.
Just a simple passage with no difficult words ki bhai you need to look for their spelling to confirm if you’ve typed it right or not. So easy vocab to be honest and it saved my time further.
I was able to finish it in 7 minutes 32 seconds.
Then did a quick line to line, word to word revision to find errors if any and fix them.
I found 3 half errors and one space which I missed to give. Fixed them all in a few seconds.
Looked at the timer, still had enough minutes on the clock, so did another quick revision this time only reading what I typed and didn’t look at the paper-passage. Found no error. wink emoticon
I went there with an aim to achieve 100% accuracy and from my side I am confident ki koi galti nai niklegi. smile emoticon
Still had time, then helped candidate sitting next to me to fix one of her error.
Then they asked us to click on ‘save’, which then popped a dialogue box, on which we were asked to click on ‘yes’.
Then we needed to click on ‘ print ‘, then our printed page was given to us along with a blank paper attached to it. We had to write 2 lines in our hand-writing on the blank paper, it can be anything, either you can write any lines from your passage or make your own fantasy story tongue emoticon
Few signatures, this and that and it was all over successfully. smile emoticon
Chalo kuch to mil hi jaega to begin with.
Anybody has doubts regarding Dest, feel free to drop your questions here.
Good luck to candidates who are yet to appear for dest, dv and interview (bade loge wink emoticon ).

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