SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 5

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you DEST experience of Mr. Rank & File @piku92  
Done with my DEST today (SSC ER).. We were kept waiting for 30mins.. Then entered a room.. There, a declaration form and option form were given to fill up. After some time, we
were called one by one to receive Dossier, signed and received the Dossier. Filled it and waited for some more time. Then we were called in groups of 4-5 persons, and were sent to the Document Verification room. There, at first, LTI was checked digitally and picture was taken via webcam. Then asked me to put another signature. Verified all the documents, took away necessary photocopies. Then sent me to the lab where DEST was done. There gave a trial passage of 2 minutes and then actual passage of 15 minutes. After end of the test, were told to write write first 2 sentences of the passage. Then the DEST ended.. 

Staff are very helpful. They were trying to do their best as far as possible. Don’t worry if your document verification process starts very late and other person’s document verification happens earlier. Because the DEST of that batch starts all together and also ends together. So even if someone’s DV  happens earlier, he will have to wait till the last person’s DV. Well if u want ur DV to happen earlier, make sure to sit on the right side of the room, u were told to sit at first.

Passage was easy (even for someone noob in typing like me). One can complete it under the given time. Keyboard buttons are little hard, but will get loosen up day by day. Do concentrate on your typing only, try not to ear to other people’s typing (though it’s very hard since the room is small and keyboard strokes are sounding like Bombs exploding). Do not care if someone completes the passage very earlier, it doesn’t matter. He will not get any bonus point/advantage for that..

The chair setup / keyboard setup may not suit you. But you can change ur position before the start of DEST. Be careful there are some chairs which are very low in height and they will trouble u while typing (at least troubled me a lot). So those who are done with their  DV earlier, (they will have the upper hand in this case) check carefully whether u r comfortable with the setup or not.

About Self attestation: Put signature and Date (the date on which u have document verification) on the photocopies of ur documents.

Be prepared and make sure u have at least 4-5 hours in ur hand (took 3 hours in my case).

All the Best to everyone..!! 

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