SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 11

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you  CPT/DEST experience of “Kitne aadmi the”

NR region CPT experience

I am a guy whose speed was around 34 wpm in  typing site. A passage

was given of full 2000 key depressions. Passage was tough according to me as there were delibrate mistakes in that passage. Also Capital letter created nuisance at many places due to absurd placing. Took me more than 13 minutes. Rest Checking time. Keyboard was complete shit. ‘T’ key was problematic as well as keys were not pressing easily.

It was some company data. Only absolute increase/decrease and percentage increase/decrease was asked. But Data format was very weird. Alignment was different for title, cell headings, data entries, final total. One line of data was in complete Capital Letters. Also data was big, so you had to adjust it many times for proper print as cell heading/titles were big and ‘alt+enter’ had to pressed inside the cell according to given sheet. Header included file path, date and time. Name and Roll No also were to be entered in Excel file only. Took complete 15 minutes. I was not able to read the question paper twice.
As soon as I was given the sheet, I knew I will not be able to finish it.But in our ppt, there were minimum 600 key depressions of written data. There were three headings–all different font , all different sizes. Data to be entered was in different font and size as well. Footer has three elements- date, name and roll no.. These three elements were also in different font and size to above. I was not able to finish it. No Boundary was made by me. When I came out , even date was given in Question Paper, which should give you an idea that I was not able to finish reading the paper once.


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