SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 10

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you CPT/DEST experience of Nikhattu
Ok Guys Its time for my CPT Experience….. 13-07-2015
(NWR) Yesterday, the experience which I shared, today 2 things happened the same but PPT experience was bad….
Lets Start…..

I reached Sector 26 National teachers training Institute at around 8.15 am…. and have to wait for around 30 minutes before they called us in and verify our documents.
Now if someone has attended interview before and verified his/her documents then there is no need to verify it again.. They will not see your documents nor give you preference filling chance again.
what they do is (for interviewed guys) they take our sign on a sheet and very our fingerprint by bio metric scanner.. and after then they say…go to hell… sry they said to wait outside….
also they given me a green paper on which is the same as given during tier 1, Tier 2…. same old story write mothers name,address,paste 1 photo, and write 1 line in your own handwriting… it has to be kept by us till the whole process is finished…
Now the typing part was started around 9:45 am something… frustrating as we have to wait in a room as sarkari babus are not showing up….
Now one thing I want to say…the keyboards which are provided at Sector 26 (NWR guys) are smooth and in good condition…. 2 brands dell and IBM …. so has good grip and less sound…..
Before actual typing they will give you a sheet which is just for practice you will be given 2 minutes….. If you want to type that page or type a Sunny leone story no body cares….. after you typed that page or any crap for 2 minutes…. a popup will come and it will say confirm and start your real typing test…. meanwhile when you are typing the 2 min. maggi noodle paragraph someone will give you the actual DEST test sheet…. on your desk… so dont worry….
Now the typing passage was easy but tricky….  lets say there is a combination of this shit….
Air-India Corporation…. or Dispute Tax Act….. I.A.C. …. Railway Ministry ….. decentralization (inki maa ki…. ) the whole paragraph was filled up with this shit…. There main motive was to force you to commit a mistake regarding capital letter…. and I also did 2 mistakes regarding this for Corporation —> corporation …. and Act—> act
So try to avoid this mistake …. and 1 more thing when there is a paragraph change do a enter and then 1 tab and then start your paragraph…. I did a Tab mistake at the beginning of the passage …. so don’t do this….
when the typing was finished they had taken my typing printout and took my sign on it…. after then immediately they said to open excel…
the contents of the excel are exactly like this:-

font was Georgia 12 for normal and 14 bold italic for heading…..
for %inc./%dec. i have used this formula….
=(cell 2-cell 1) / abs(cell1) and then by formatting cells applied the percentage sign and then reduced the decimal places to 2….
DO NOT FORGET TO ADD HEADERS…. FILE PATH on left side…. and &[date]/&[time] on right side…..after then they told me to save your excel file as SSC_Rollno.. on desktop…. [ITS VERY IMPORTANT!]

after then PPT time….. and that ppt slide i will never forget in my life…. man why they could give this kind of slide…. i mean why!
the slide was exactly like this…..

there are recursion of 3 boxes….. man i hate this…. content is different about three points were there in the ppt slide but are lengthy….
somehow I managed to make the big outer box, but due to pressure the 2 back to back boxes as you see in the slide (inside the big box)…I managed only 1… and after making that box I colored it light brown…..I tried to include a new box from the shapes section but it pushed back and till then a voice came from my back…. (beta print de do mujhko , Give me the print) and I said ok….
Fonts….. all Georgia…. 30 for Heading…. 24 subheading …. 20 for bullets…..
for footer…. 20 verdana…. and due to pressure I made another mistake…
I wrote the footer like this (assuming different name)
13-07-2015 15:21                       123456789                        James Bond
which should be written like this
13-07-2015 15:21            Roll no. 123456789          Name James Bond
I forgot to write roll no. and name …. god I hate time pressure…..
after that same story save the file like SSC_roll no. and save on desktop and after that 1 teacher will collect your soft copy to its server…. and then you will be said get out…. So this is my story of CPT 2014 … I don’t know whether I will clear or not…. but guys don’t do my stupid mistakes…. Be cool like cucumber and do your best….practice those two links which I have shared above…..
and please tell whether I will clear CPT or not?
till then
Cameraman Santosh ke sath main NIkhattu aaj tak…. 

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