SSC CGL 2014 CPT/DEST Experience Part 16

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you CPT/DEST experience of Neha Mittal

My two cents though not needed but I don’t want to be out this group because of 2 cents. 
Centre- Allahabad
2pm reporting but got entry at 4.30pm.
Rest things were easy and smooth as has been mentioned.
Documents verified.. fingerprints .. two photographs needed and rest a smile.
Passage for trial was difficult compared to the actual.. unsure emoticon
Actual passage was very easy.. completed in 9.5 min when at home I use to have 2000depression in 11min.
A line was repeated in passage so got but confused if I need to repeat but then done.
Only thing I would suggest is ki darr lagega but type continuously… and maintain composure.
Ps. My passage had para indentation in the very first line. After I was done and out of hall.. one college invigilator said that we needed to give 5 spaces and not tab… can anybody confirm this??did I make a mistake?
PPS. There was one impersonator held in my batch. Officials made him murga and then handed to police and was beaten black and blue and was also made to apologize infront of whole batch.
Any queries regarding dest… just throw in.. would be happy to help.
VIPS- Thank you so much to Arjun and Sagar… without your inputs.. it would have not been possible. smile emoticon

Bhupi sir and vivaan sir… thank you for the wonderful platform.
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