Important Guidelines for CPT by Mr. Adamant Sagar Sir

Important Guidelines for CPT by Mr. Adamant Sagar Sir

Important Guidelines for CPT by Mr. Adamant Sagar Sir.We are sharing with you very useful Tips for Computer proficiency test by Mr. Adamant Sagar Gupta.Hope you like his efforts.

Important Guidelines cum information for Cpt( I Hope it will help in Cpt )
1. Question no. 1- Do we have to type our name and Roll no. in Excel or Ppt Footer or we just have to write XXXXX as shown in Excel and Ppt question?

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Answer- You have to write your name and roll no. in footer or header as instructed in Cpt question. 
2. Always read the instructions first then start preparing excel and ppt. Last year I did a mistake. What I did is that I started making slide without reading the instructions. I chose blank slide and made slide in that blank slide but when I went through the instructions,I found that one have to choose Slide of Title and Subtitle Slide. I had ample time so I rectified my error within 15 minutes. but ho skta h kisi bande ke pas apne error sudharne ka time na mile.So it’s better to read instructions first.
3. There will be lot of instructions in Cpt question. As u know,u will have just 15 minutes so read all the instructions carefully but fastly.So that u can have time to prepare excel and ppt.
4. Wrap text is also essential part of Excel. Use wrap text according to question. 
5. In ppt, you have to make border yourself. Many persons commit mistake by choosing title and subtitle slide ,then they think ki border to ho gaya..but when print out comes,there will be no border.Because u will have to manually make border as per the demand of ppt question.
6. After making slide and excel,always see print preview to make sure that the print out come in one page only. Many people commit mistakes by not seeing print preview and unka 2 page mai print aa jata h.
7. Central Align kaha krna h,left align,right align,wrap text kaha krna h,in sab ka dhyan rakhe..
8. If your typing speed is around 28wordpm then do increase this speed. The atmosphere of CPT centre will be different. When typing session starts ,u just listen the keystrokes of keyboard all around u.that sometimes makes u nervous. So do concentrate in your typing only without seeing what other persons. For example,my typing speed was 42wordpm in ssc 2013.But due to sounds of keystrokes of keyboard,my finger was trembling. And my speed came down to 35 approx in the exam centre.
9. In typing article which u will get in CPT/Dest, u will see that after each line some numeric numbers are given. U don’t have to type that. Actually they are the total keys in that line. And at last line of the last paragraph,2005 or 2004 or 2000 would be written. That means total keystrokes given in the typing article contains 2005 or 2004 or 2000 keys.

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