How to Attempt CGL Tier I Paper by Yogesh Anand

Hello Friends,
We are sharing again with you how to Attempt CGL Tier I Paper by Yogesh Anand
Try to make strategy for attempting the paper by solving test papers and hence evaluating yourself.
One strategy could also be tried as per the below sequence –

1st Attempt – GK
Benefit will be, either you will be knowing the answer or not. Hence, it will not take more than 10-12 mins to complete this sections. Possible attempts: 30-35
2nd Attempt – English 
This section is 50% like GK; either you know or don’t. Hence, it will also take not more than 20-25 mins to cover 50 question.
Possible attempts: 35-40
3rd Attempt – Reasoning
To attempt the 50 ques of this section, total time could be 25-30 mins. 
Possible attempts: 40-45
Total time spent: 60-70 mins, questions attempted: 120-125
Now by this time, you will get a moral boost that in half the given time, 3/4th of the paper has been completed. It will definitely help in avoiding 11th hour nervousness.
Last Attempt – Maths
This section has to be attempted in a smart way; not in one go starting from question 1 to last. Attempt should be made in 3 times according to their difficulty & length –
1st – Attempt easiest questions : No. of such questions could be around 15-20. This includes data interpretation also. Time – 10 mins. Possible attempts – 18-20
2nd – Medium : No. of questions could be : 15-20. Time – 30 mins. Possible attempts – 16-18
3rd – Hard : No. of questions generally can’t be more than 5-7. Time – 10 mins. Possible attempts – 3-4
Maths section possible attempts: 35-40
Total possible attempts: 155-160, possible score – 125+
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