SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Preparation Strategy by Mohit Kasniya

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Preparation Strategy by Mohit Kasniya for SSC CGL Tier 1
Hello all ssc aspirants….
Today m going to tell u last 50 days strategy for scoring more n more..
For beginners (freshers)
* Your goal should be in between 120-140

* we have 4 sections n we cant be master in all the 4 sections..
So make any 2 of them ur strength
Like maths reas or eng reas
* make time table to study so tht u can cover all sections in 30 days.
Just complete all sections n all types of questions so tht u get confidence..
* reasoning just need 5-7 days to score 35+
* in gk science background students shd concentrate on science only so to get 15+ in science part.. N remaining on others..
N only give 1 hr daily to ur gk part thts sufficient
N books for science part: try arihant gk2015(30rs)
U may go for lucent but arihant has less no of pages n more marks with less efforts..
* for reasoning i suggest arihant complete guide for ssc in which reasoning part is awesome.. Just complete all chapters in 10 days n then try some previous year paper for reasoning…
Beware of getting 40+ in reasoning
Cz u can easily get 35-40 in 20-25 min
But next 5 marks will tk ur 10 min…
So its better to leave some ques in reasoning to be done in the end
N types of ques to leave r (a_bc abbc a_„ puzzle type, ques on series, ques with big paragraph)
* for eng acc to last year’s tier 1 paper 25 marks r more than avg marks n in 2013 30 marks r avg
So in eng all depends on paper
Just study only 1 book
Cz its better to study 1 book 5 times thn 5 five books a single time…
So acc to me try plinth to paramount
N only exercise part no need to study all laws again n again cz u all knw them already..( whenever i had studied ny chapter in eng like preposition thn in error part i got error of preposition only in all the ques, same for article, sub verb etc) so avoid reading rules again n again just read sub verb agreement n tenses thts all…
N for idiom’s n one word try sp bakshi or mb one word n mb idiom
No need to work on syno n anto (just use ur mind in exam or put c answer in each n every ques of syno anto)
If u practice the plinth to parount ( only excercise part) 3-4 times thn u really understand how to find error…
* now maths part
Its most interesting part…
Try any book u found suitable cz there is no game of book
There is game of ur common sense….
No need of fast calc or need of tables or squares up to 100 or cubes up to 50 cz this is not an exam of bank this is ssc…
So maths is just like reasoning… Use ur mind n u get ur ans without calc…
Try ny book like kiran previous year paper solved chapterwise
Or mahesh mishra , tyra, arihant, mb
But main goal is always thnks before starting ur pen to calculate…
* in arithmatic always avoid lenghty ques like boat n stream, partnership, volume
Cz they consume lot of time n energy both during preperation n in exam hall also
Cz u have to score 35 -40 so avoid those 10 lengthy ques…
For advance maths
Avoid reading rd sharma n all tht
Just go to some experienced guy n ask him to teach advance maths theory part..
Cz it only need 4-6 hours to complete all advance maths…
(I had taught several times to my friends n in quick recap classes)
N avoid tough ques which consume time in trignometry algebra
Cz u get only 1 min for 1 ques.
So if u find a ques having 3-4 steps leave it cz it need approx 2-3 minutes…
(Will post some ques so u get exactely wht i want to say)
So in the end
25-30 days for completing all subjects…
Next 2 days for complete rest….( cz rest is very important)
Next 8 days ->>10-15 practice sets
Next 5 days ->> quick revision n some special practice on some part tht is difficult for u…
Next 3 days again practice sets
Last 2 days complete rest…watch movie or go for picnic
(Cz race se pehle horse ko aaram dena padta h otherwise wo race me kaise dorega…)
Best of luck guys…..
Available for ur queries……….
Feel free to ask……
N plz ignore ny spell mistake
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