SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 33

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Hitesh Arora

Done with interview today (delhi, Board (B)) time:11:30 am
Roll no: 2201092391
Graduation: B. tech (ECE)
Tier+tier2= 504.25 (AIR 36)

Q) you were working in wipro then why u joined rbi, even though u are getting less salary in rbi ?
Explained (job security ,status etc)
Q) what us sateliite and how mant types of satellite?
Explained in detail
Q) explain geostationery satellite nd remote sensing satellite and their use ?
Q) When satellites were not there, how the communation was done?
I told with the help of Ionosphere then mam asked me what is the principle of that and i said total internal reflection and explained the phenomena.
Q) how many types of layers and division of ionosphere?
I explained the type of layers but did not know anything about division of ionospere.
Q) difference between working of plane and rocket ?
Told about the fuel and concept of escape velocity then sir asked what if a plane is directed upwards with escape velocity ?
I said it may escape the earth’s atmosphere but petroleum as fuel will not work in space .
Q) why petroleum as a fuel will not be helpful in vacuum ?
I told that because it would not have oxygen for getting burn and this is the reason we use hydrogen peroxide as a fuel in rocket because it has its own oxygen.
Q) difference between resolution nd magnification?
I tried to answer but they were not satisfied
Q) is freedom of speech absolute and are there any constraints on it ?
No idea sir but it is absolute i think
Q) what are fundamental duties, explain in details.
Q) you are working in rbi so tell me what are the steps rbi has taken to curb the black money?
I told about the agreement indian government signed with the various countries regarding sharing bank account details of indians and also gave the example if SIT for curbing the black money.
Q) you did not get my question. I asked about the steps taken by rbi
Then i said that rbi is curbing pre-2005 notes which a step towards curbing forged currency, this is all what i know.
Q) Difference bewteen conductor and Semiconductor and how can we increase conductivity of semiconductor ?
Overall it was more than average. Expecting 50+

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