SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 22

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of TENZIN NORBU

INTERVIW:-Panel consist of 2sirs n 1madam….
I wishd mam 1st n den sirs…mam started 1st wid ma hobby ie watchng hindi movies… 
wich movie u hd seen last? 

Me:tiger shorff muvie.. 
mam: ok den tel me 2 biopics of athletes.. 
mam: in dat muvie something major thng happnd wat it..?(bout bhag milka )…
me:indepndence of india.. 
mam: dat ws partition of india.. so tel me india ws divided into wich wich countries? 
Me: east n wst pakstn n india… mam: east pakstn nw knwn as?
mam: so tel me wich is d particular place dat ws share betwn india n bangladsh treaty recenly? 
Me:land near tripura n meghalaya.. 
mam: ya bt tel me d particular name..
me:sorry mam.. 
mam: it’s enclave… den middle sir stard wid ma gradtutn sub…wat is mean,median and mode…
me:answd sir:tell me an example of cash systm of accountng? 
Me:answd only d meaning n cnt gv d exmple… 
sir:which natural wild animals r der in ur place?
me:rabbit,black deer,wild cat n bengal tiger…mam laughd n said royal bengal tiger n kalimpong(darjeelin) .bt I knw dat 2 or 3 tigers wer der…. nw d 3rd sir turn.. 
sir:tell me what is global warming? 
Me:can answd nly bcoz of buring of plastic n forest cutting (bt I ws realy shckd while cuming dis nt expectng ) 
sir:what is ozone?
me: d layer which did nt allow sun radiatn n reflects back…
sir: which thng is put to make water drinkable? 
Me:chlorine sir:Okay den why chlorine is used?
me: really gt angry as if I wer a science student….I said sorry sir I dnt knw…. den d middle sir said okay nw u cn go…n I wishd thanks to all …left d hall….it took nly 5-10 mins…seniors plz suggest me hw mch marks I wil gt? N I hv mentioned 1st postn in bcom (hons ) frm ma college..wil gt extra marks fr dat?

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