SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 40

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We are sharing with you interview experience of  k.sarwesh
My Interview Experience
Date – 18.06.2015 Region – MPR

Location – Raipur
Total marks – 462.75
Grad: B tech (EIE) – 91.4 %
Employeed with Ashok Leyland
2 panels were there. I was the last (20th) in panel 2. There were 4 members in my panel – 1 chairman (C1), Grad guy (M1), School uncle (M2) and GK ma’am (F1). My turn came at around 1700 hrs.
My full name is Sarvesh Khajanchi so I knew that chairman mere surname ko leke discuss karega. As I entered Chairman started about it like from where did I got this surname, who are Khajanchis. ..etc. environment thanda ho gaya everyone was in jolly mood.
C1: Why do u want to come to ssc
Before I said anything he said all engineers are coming to ssc because isme rutba hai. I said yes sir..then C1 said “see..even he agrees” and everyone started laughing. Then I said apart from social status, job security is there.
C1: Ye extra-curricular activities mein kya likhe ho ( I mentioned about my participation in college tech fest events)
Me: Sir I participated in college tech fests events. Wahi hai..
C1: to M1 -> ye to count nahi hoga na
M1: nahi sir
C1: to main abhi ise (me) zero de raha hun. Agar jarurat padi to no. De denge. ( and he put a big zero in front of me )
Then C1 asked me about my social activity which I mentioned in my form. I answered him.
C1: u r serving somewhere?
Me: yes sir ashok leyland as a Deputy Manager
C1: arey already tum itna achha kama rahe ho..u won’t get this much salary in ssc. WHY DO U WANT TO COME TO SSC (It was a big ques for me for the day and I was asked this many times by almost all members)
Me: sir…job security, social status. Last year many young grads were given CRS in my company. So there is no job security in private sector.
C1: but how they were given CRS on what basis
Me: sir we are reviewed through performance rating. Those who scored less were thrown out
C1: but if anyone performs well why will he be thrown out.
M1 interrupted: sir even he (me) got promotion once from get to Deputy Manager and again everyone started laughing.
I also smiled and kept quiet.
M1 to F1: Ma’am even he scored AIR 111 in gate 2011 ( in my 3rd year). He could have got into good college and after his mtech might be earning even more
Me: sir I got call from iit delhi but by that time I already got placed in Ashok leyland. And more over I gave gate to get onto PSUs but as I couldn’t score good enough (AIR 350) in final year I dint get any psu. I always want to get into govt sector. ( somehow pushed my govt sector point into their mind)
Now C1 turn over.
M1 (tech guy) : so u have done ur b tech in instrumentation. What all subjects have studied
Me: sir engg optimization using soft computing. I did my final year project also in that. As I was abt to start on my project. He interrupted
M1: I asked ur subjects (I tried to take him towards my project par hoshiyaari bhaari pad gayi)
Me: Sir control systems, digital design, electrical and electronics instrumentation, (yahan tak form mein likha tha main par wo chup hone Bola nahi to microcontroller and its applications bhi bol diya)
M1: so u have studied electrical and electronics instrumentation? It means abt sensors.
Me: yes sir. ( khush ho gaya main. Kyun ki sensors ke baare mein hi padh ke gaya tha)
M1: tell me abt what all transducers u have studied
Me: answered 3-4
M1: give me examples of each
Me: answered. Made one mistake in between but corrected it then.
M1: Do u know about strain gauge
Me: answered explained abt its functioning. (I dint mention it while giving examples and I think he was expecting this so he asked me)
M1: any example of active transducer
Me: piezoelectric transducer
M1: any more ?
Me: Thermocouple, photovoltaic cell
M1: ur technical is quite good ( mukambo khush hua)
M1 Turn over. Now M2 ( school uncle)
M2: steady flow aur uniform flow ke bich mein kya diff hai
Me: tried to explain him.
M2: yahi hai diff ??
Me: yes sir
M2: fourier series ke bare mein jante hai ? Padha hai iske bare mein
Me: sir studied it in 3rd Sem. I’m a bit confused about fourier series and fourier transform. One is used for continuous signals and other for discrete. ( galat jawab de diya shayad)
M2: Errors ke bare mein padha hoga aapne. Human error aur known errors ko combined kya bolte hai
Me: sir ques samajh nahi aaya. Could u pls repeat ? (Saala pata nahi puch kya raha tha. Mujhe types of error pata tha aur use eliminate kaise karte hai pata tha socha yahi bata dun par phir nahi Bola)
M2: repeated the same ques again
Me: (after little bit thinking) sorry sir.
( M2 ke saath achha nahi gaya. Motu ko ans thik se nahi de paya). M2 turn over. Now F1 (Gk ma’am)
F1: Why do u want to become inspector ?
Me: (saala fill to pehla MEA kiya tha 2nd ITI kiya tha phir bhi inspector ka puch li) Ma’am job security, good promotional aspects. (Ek naya point add kar diya) as my father and brother is also in govt sector so Have family influence also towards this. (Pak gaya tha ek hi chiz baar baar bol bol ke )
F1: do u know abt taxes ?
Me: yes ma’am
F1: how many types are there
M1: answered
F1: what all comes under them
M1: answered (indirect mein vat add nahi kiya)
F1: VAT comes under which one ?
M1: indirect (thought of telling her abt GST par socha kyun musibat ko bulawa dun khud se)
M1 also done.
No GK ques asked. Went around for 12-15 min I guess. M2 ko ans thik se nahi kar paya. Aur WHY DO YOU WANT TO COME TO SSC ko properly justify nahi kar paya.
Ab batao kitne marks aa sakte hai !!!v

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