SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 58

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of NR 27/06/2015

3 panelists C-chairman, F-Man, B-another old sir
I entered the room. Customary GM, forgot to close the door so mam asked me to close the door.
C- So you were working with ### but you resigned. Why?
M- I wanted a govt job so left the company to prepare. Also i didnt like the work culture of private companies.
C- You did #### trek too. Good     You have done your engg also from ### college. 74.45, 0.5 percent kum reh gae. You have scored good in CBSE also. Good. Tell me which ions cause acidity?
M- H+ ions
C-So tell me what is the ph of water.
M- 7.0
C- Why is water neutral?
M- Maybe it is a bit acidic.
C- No it contains both H+ and OH- ions thats why.
M- Okay Sir
C- So you have interest in what other things?
M- i like following automobile news.
M- What is a hybrid vehicle?
C- That has two or more feul like Hydrogen and petrol etc. recently a bus has been launched which will run with….  
He interjected and said tell me what is biofuel
M- fumbled a bit, wasnt able to tell in exact words. just said something made from bio things.(Bad luck I wasnt able to explain in words when I did knew about that)
C- No tell me exactly what is biodiesel.
M- blank
C- Then asked tell me one common biofuel used in villages
M- Mehane
C- no wood a biofuel?
M – Yes (I think this is wrong, wood isnt a biofuel)
C- So you follow news?
M- Yes
C- Heard of Revenue dept?
M- yes
C- kis ministry k ander ata hai, revenue, finance ye koi aur?
M- Thought for a while and said Revenue.  (wrong)
C-What does this handle?
M- Foreign exchange violations.
C- What all acts?
M- FCRA and FEMA, told the fullforms.
C- What is controversy regarding NGOs ? name a few of them M- they violated these acts. Greenpeace and Ford.
C- how?
M- thought for a while and said dont know.
C- acha ye batao apki choices.
M- Ministries. C- konsi railways, external ya railways ya konsi?
M- said css.. DEITY…(how dumb can I be, he asked ministry and I was telling a deptt..dimag me MoEFCC tha aur nikla DEiTY)
C- So u are from ECE. Now mam ill ask.
F- apne blood donate kia hai?
M- yes.
F- ye batao kitna unit?
M- one unit lete hai mam
F- jyada nahi lete? ek unit kitna hota hai?
M- (pata nahi tha,hath se us polythene ka size bataya..hadd hai meri Bakchodi ki)- 200 ya 250 ml.
F- apka wt kitna hai?
M- 85
F- weight k hisab se lete hai..
M- Ok
F- universal donor?
M- O F- O – hota hai?
M- no mam most of people have +ve so O+ is donor but -ve kam logo me hota hai to O- nahi hota.(wrong)
F- what is amplitude, freq and phase.
M- Wrote eqn A cos(wt + phi) and drew the diagram and told.
F- What is BJT? M- told full form, used for amplifying signals and as a switch
F- What is mosfet?
M- fumbled for a bit
F- you told BJT correct, tell about mosfet also
M- I told that it is is same but it works because of difference of fields ie voltages.
F-(seemed convinced) – you have studied commn also, tell me which waves does mobile use?
M- radio waves
F- Which waves does pacemaker use?
M- microwaves(just guessed)
F- so why people say mobile should not be used by those with pacemaker?
M- maybe these waves interfere? F(didnt seem convinced)- What is pulse?
M- pulse is like a wave for a short period of time.
F- No. What is clock?
M- It is used in latches and pulse is used in Flip flops.
F- Ok. What is MUX M- multiplexer
F- uses?
M- selecting a signal from many signals, like in one minute if we want to use many signals then some time we can select one signal and then after that other.
F- Ok. How many IP and OP does it have?
M- It can have any no of inputs and outputs.(Tongue slipped and said outputs)
F- really? any no of outputs?
M- No only one output but any no of inputs.
F- Now B sir will ask.
B- Meri awaz dheemi hai aur kuch hi que puchunga.      Aap ### company me the Hyderabad me.
M- No sir actually that is HO address but I was in Gurgaon.
B- batao hyderabad kis state ki capital hai. M- Sir last year bifurcate ho gaya tha AP to ab AP aur telanagana dono ki hai.
B- tell me dance of AP M- (bad luck mind again went blank jabki ye sab padha hua hai) Sorry sir.
S- Aur kuch state batao jinki common capital hai.
M- Chadigarh of PB and HR.
B- aur ki?
M- blank
B- thik hai, acha ye batao kisi state ki do capitals ho?
M- Sir kuch states hai jinki 2 capitals hai ek legislative and dusri administrative.
B(seemed perplexed ki kya bake ja raha hai)-  jaise?
M- jaise Assam ki 2 hai Dispur and Guwahati. B- legislative konsi and administartive konsi?
M- (I dont remenber konsi ko konsi bataya, I had read it on wikipedia, can anyone confirm if i said correct or wrong that there are 2 capitals?)
B- Aur koi jiski summer aur winter capitals diffrt ho?
M- J and K
B- Acha ye batao South me kon konse seas touch hote hai?
M- Bay of bengal, arabian sea and indian ocean.
B- Aisa koi festival jo kerala me sab dharam k log manate ho?
M- blank
B- jaise Hindu diwali, christians christmas manate hai lekin jo sab manate ho?
M- sorry sir.
B- Bharatnatyam kaha ka dance hai?
B- bihu?
M- chattisgarh?
B- sure?
M- Yes(itna confidence se bola sochas bhils bihu rhyming hai to vahi hoga… :P)
B- aur AP ka?
M- blank
B- kerala?
M- blank
B- acha ye batao current rail inister?
M- Suresh praabhu
B-Aisa 2 minister k nam batao jo rail minister k bad CM bane ho
M- Mamata banerji…thoda socha fir guessing andaaz me kaha Lalu? B- nahi nahi vo pehle CM the fir rail min bane
M- Han sir unka to yahi hai. B- acha history bhi padhi hai apne? padhi hi hogi….acha ye bharat ka sanvidhan hai na? kab lagu hua tha?
M- 26 jan 1950
B- aur bankar kab tayyar ho gya tha?
M- 26 nov 1949 B- ye batao poona pact kab hua tha aur kya tha?
M- Sir exact year to yad nahi, shayad 1932 me tha Mr ambedkar aur Mr gandhi k bneech me legislative seats….
B(interjected in between)- Acha ye batao  consulate aur emvbassy me kya farak hai?
M- sir consulate Commonwelath countries ke ko kehte hai aur Embassy general mission ko B- acha to fir high commision in pakistan kya hai?
M- sorry sir High commision Commonwelath ke ko kehte hai aur embassy General mission
B- to consulate aur embassy ek hi hai?
M- yes(galat hai ye answer) B- acha to fir chanakyapuri me embassy hi kyu dikhti hai? ye batao consulate aur embassy ek hi city me ho sakte hai?
M- yes(wrong)
B- acha last que..language of diplomacy?
M- blank(mjhe idea tha french hai but bol nahi paya, itna sab guess mara tha to socha isme na maru jabki ye sahi ho jata) B-napolean tha vaha se.
M- Sir french
B- acha chalo ek batao french kranti k waqt nara aya tha.
M- blank
B- 3 words ka tha
M- Liberty fraternity and brotherhood
B- liberty aur brotherhood to ek hi hai na?
M- yes sir,,,fir sochne laga.
B- Ok…thankyou.
M- thankyou…(utha aur bahar nikall k darwaza band kia ache se…:P) (In short ganda hua…Chairman sir k que k answer nahi de paya, mam k lagbhag sare bata die aur B sir k random me se kuch nahi bata paya…random GK kuch bhi jo mann me a raha tha puche ja rahe hai) No que from hobbies, job experience. I was willing to give interview in English but they started in English and hindi mix to main bhi mix pe a gaya…did I did the right thing?  
Another thing- a guy from SC category, got Examiner last time and was again giving the interview with the same preference Examiner.. maine samjhaya to kehta apni mehnat se aya k lie ek bar aur chahta hu (seriously…safety?)…aise logo ko main kya kahu…anyone with a word? UR ya OBC ko koi nuksan nahi, SC vale bhaiyon apki category ki ek seat gai Examiner ki :P…(he was in top 50, I wont take his name)
Any guesses guys  kitne a sakte hai??

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