SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 67

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We are sharing with you interview experience of Yashank Sharma

Now interview experience
29/6/2015 8:30 Am Chandigarh Board A Srno.3 After dv turn came arnd 10:30am

3 members 2 male 1 female
M1- Asked about job profile (RBI) nd its role in economy
Replied with its role as regulatory,monetary policy n all
M1-what is monetary policy??how rbi regulates it.?
Replied with CRR Repo reverse repo…
M1-Curerency f italy nd switzerland?
Italy-Euro, Swtzrlnd Ka wrng (swiss dollar instead f swiss franc)boldia but uspe bhi firm rha tongue emoticon
M1- Tax nd fee mei diffrnce?(As i got TA in cgl2013)
M1-indirect taxes?
Replied.Counter question ki if we wnt to a restaurant nd bill comes up thn vat/service tax will be levied on complete amount or sm percentage f amnt.
I replied saying sir complete par lagega nd rate bhi bol dia 12.5% VAT ka tongue emoticon
M2- Tell me subjects u studied in graduation(btech IT).
Replied OS,Dbms,Testng,Digital electronics,Netwrks n all
M2- electronics par aagya..analog se digital kyun cnvert krte hai n all.
Fumbled but related bolta gya..tongue emoticon
OS example dijiye
Replied windows,linux
M2- aur
Replied DOS(basic f all)
M2- DOS se windows kyun gaye
Replied easy interface to understnd, multitaskng,multiprogrammig n all
M2-Open source OS?
Replied Linux
M2-Aur ?
Replied no idea sir
M2 – linux mei virus nhi aata kyun?
Replied with sm shell cncpt n all…but dnt knw sahi tha ya nhi…sahi se nhi aata tha
M2-Virus kya hota hai..
Replied program that replicates itself to other program nd harm the computer..
F1- Smart cities ka kuch cncpt chal rha hai..kin 3 parameters par decide kia jayega…
Replied sanitation,education,infrastructure..
She said all these comes under infrastructure.Other two??
I said no idea ma’am..she said koi baat nhi
F1- insurance scheme launched by bnks
Replied with reference to jan dhan, jan suraksha,atal pension n all
F1-Name two states havng Female CM?
Replied with Gujrar nd Tamilnadu
Name thr Cm’s?
Anandi ben patel.. Nd Jayalalitha
F1-indian Pm visit bangladesh..why?
Replied LBA nd teesta conflict
F1-A cm accommpined him?
Replied Mamta banerjee
Who is she? Earlier she was?
Replied CM of west bengal, nd her tenure as rail minister in UPA govt..
F1-Current rail minister?
Replied Suresh Prabhu ….
F1-India-china jointly decides to wrk upon bullet train in india.Is it feasible?
I saif yes it is..but wil take sm proper planning estimation n all:p
Thn she cited the example f news in which overspeeding train?wat was it?
I said yes mam its related to overspeeding train ran over platform n all
She asked kya possible n bullet train n all
I stood firm on wat i said that it will take sm tym n proper planning n all:p
F1-Okk..thanku u grin emoticon
It took arnd 10-15 min i guess
I replied on every question jitna pta tha…bki i said no idea wink emoticon
Dont knw wats in store…want CSS…Score is not gud 428.25.. Kitne ki umeed kr skta hu gasp emoticon
Thanku all… & Gudluck like emoticon
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