SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 12

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Deewana Mastana
NR Region

18-06-2015 Panel “A”
Things you should know abt me—-GK and current affairs are strong…my strategy was to direct them towards GK and my hobbies…i am not weak in electronics but just not my favorite subject…
4 members–3 M, 1 F
Entered the room, said customary Good mroning to all////
M1–u r from lakshmi bai nagar?
M1–do u know who is rani lakshmi bai?
Me–told abt lord dalhousie + doctrine of lapse + 1857…
M1—where did she died?
M1–ok..good…(Gwalior is the right answer)..
M1—playing cricket is hobby…tennis ball or real leather ball…. Me—tennis ball
M1–watching movies is hobby…what kind of movies?
Me—mainly documentary movies which tell abt history, wars, old national and international issues , cricket and movies..
M1—reading books is hobby..tell me last 3 books u read Me–playing it my way by Sachin tendulkar, Q and A by Vikas Swarup which was made into movie Slumdog Millionaire, A song of ice and fire by GRR Martin
M1–u said u watch documentaries…have u seen any abt whole Constitution making of India and Preamble?
Me–yes sir..
M1–tell me abt Sovereign Democratic Republic..explain the terms and differences if any?
M1–U did graduation in 2103…why didnt u take campus placements, there is no problem in ur college, u can easily get placements?
Me—Sir i dont want to work in private sector.
Me—i dont like the working culture of private sector…busy schedules, ridiculous job timings, no social life, no personal growth…job becomes the centre of life.
M1–sir will ask now…
M2—why dont u prepare for engineering services.
Me–.with last 2 years, my preparation has been towards SSC and bank jobs…i have lost touch of my subjects…plus i m not interested enuf to pursue to career as the competition is very tough in engineering services?
M1 and M2—this is a very serious issue….u have done engineering from reputed college…u shud not come here…it is ridiculous that students are not interested in reading engineering subjects and doing IT jobs after they did graduation in that field…(M2 SEEMS ANGRY)
( I kept calm and didnt reply as there was no was general comment and statement)
M2–if relatives come to ur house, where will u take them for sightseeing in delhi?
Me—sir if they will go with my choices, i will take them to historical places like red fort, humayun’s tomb , qutub minar….if relatives are religious, then akshardhaam temple, birla mandir temple….if they are interested in shopping, then connaught place, lajpat nagar, sarojini nagar…(EXPECTING TO HEAR SOME GS QUESTIONS AFTER SO MANY NAMES)
M2–tell me what is a website?
M2–tell me what can be done on website to make it accessible for visually impaired?
Me–audio to speak out relevant data….separate helpline for them…
M2—tell me abt how govt website is made?
Me—I told abt NIC and domain registration…
M2—ok…madam will ask now..
F1—do u hate private sector?
Me–no madam…but i know my strengths..i want peaceful , stable life…
F1—what is a chip?
F1–what is it made of ?
Me–Silicon F1–why silicon?
Me—tried to tell abt doping, valence bond theory..she cut the question
F1–do we need resistivity or not?
Me—resistivity is the property of material…but we want low atleast in electronics…
F1—why we need it low?
Me—tried to tell abt heating effects, voltage issues, frequency impact….she again cut me off
F1–what is optical fibre?
F2—why it is so fast?
Me—tried to explain principle of optical fibre, total internal reflection, core cladding etc…she again said cut me off …
F1–tell me abt the materials used in superconductor?
Me—no idea madam..
F1—what is broadband ?
Me—it is data services provided by telecom operators.
F1–why is it called broadband?
Me–due to wide bandwidth..tried explaining bandwidth….SHE LOST INTEREST AS CHAI PAANI SAMOSA ENTERS THE ROOM F1–sir aap bhi puch liye..(VERY UNSATISFIED LOOK)
M3—i will only ask one question…tell me how does telecommunications work?
Me—Sir telecommunications is a big field…wht shud i tell analog communication, digital communication, antenna theory, mobile network theory, radar, sonar?
M3—i dont know…just tell me
Me—sir telecommunication works on principle of transmitter and receiver…how signal is sent, how received, modulations….NOW HE CUTS ME OFF

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