SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 46

            Hello Friends,

          We are sharing with you interview experience of GTM Kumar

      Cat-OBC,Mark-428 Western Region: 25/06

      Strong profile with 7.5 years of software experience/good salary/good academic
      –M1-where do u work and why do u want to leave job?
      –I need better job security, more responsibility, better work life coordination and private jobs are stressful.
      M1-Being a big company, I do not think u have any job problem.
      –Sir, it is all about resource and project.Job is good but incase I become sick for 3-4 months or project goes out then there is a chance of lay off. Generally I need to work around 9-10 hours scarifying my personal life.
      M1-What is work life balance? tell me some life style disease?
      —obesity, hypertension, loss of memory, BP
      M1–Do u read history? What is the war that decided fate of east indian company and india.?? Lord clive was associated with this…
      –Sorry sir.Do not have that idea but Lord clive was the first governer of india.
      M1-R u sure on this…..Yes sir…M1-I stand corrected.
      M2-Do u know GM crop??
      –No mam.
      M2-Little hints given
      –Yes mam. Genetically modified crops.
      M2-What are the recent GM crop which is in controversy?? And is it good or bad in ur view?
      –Mam I know about Brinjal. And I feel GM crop will defeibnatly increase production and resistance but some fear it may impact badly our health as it is not 100% natural
      M2-What is the exact reason why it is bad?
      –Sorry mam.
      M3-Did u donate blood as mentioned in certificate? Types of blood?
      –Yes sir and I arranged a blood donation camp in my village.Told blood groups and Rh.
      M3-What is function of blood
      –told about oxygen carrier to difrnt opart and wbc gives us resistance to disease.
      –M3-what if blood does nt reach any organ?
      –Organ will be dead and paralysed and may decomposed too.
      –M3-What is heart attck thn?
      –In heart attack, heart stopd pumping due to which purified blood doesn’t reach body parts??
      –M3-Only heart stops pumping or anything else….
      –Sir nt exactkly sure about tht…
      Ok u may leave now.
      I said thank u and added that this job I have been trying since last 2.5 years and along with job security I also like to contribute directly for Indian government
      M1-Yes, we understand .you have provided enough input on that. Thanks
      ————-Not even a single question from telecomm or hobbies….
      Guys how much can I expect?????
      Mark-428 now.????

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