SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 48

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Ankit Gupta


25th June, reporting time= 9a.m., cgo complex, delhi.

Candidate’s details: B. tech. (ECE)
Panel: (2M, 1F)
here I go. . .

entered the room wishing good morning to L:lady(left to chairman) first, then C:chairman(centre) then third member, S:sardaarJi(right to chairman).
mam asked me to sit and sign the form that was lying in front of me.
C started with biodata. .
Mr. X aap to delhi se hain. . i replied yes. asked meaning of name.
then he glanced through my biodata . . aapne ye kiya hai. . achha ye bhi kiya hai. . achha ye bhi. . achha itne marks aaye hain. . achha b. tech. mein 79.55 marks hain(sounded a bit astonished). .hobby mein ye ye kiya. . {seemed impressed with biodata}. . then social work mein kya kiya hai. . i said blood donation. . he asked kab kiya. . i said . .12 may 2015. .to abhi kiya hai recently. . pehle nai kiya tha. . i tried to speak the parroted line( that yes i have done but dont have the certi, so didnt mention) but lady member commented: nai abhi kiya hai to iske marks nai milenge(in smiling tone). .others were also commenting something so I thought better to keep my mouth shut. so, C asked : 1) ab kiya to dubara kab kar sakte ho? 2)types of blood grps . . universal donar, receptor 3) how much can be donated? then he passed the baton to Lady.
L: 1) Fundamental rights , how many, name them and related Qs. . 2) DPSPs and related. . 3) related to compulsory education (6-14 yrs) 4) is right to food a fundamental right & why?
then came sardarJi
S: 1) u have done ece, so tell me difference btw old and new mobile phones. . 2) what is android system?. . 3)difference btw hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants? 3) who is responsible for this mobile revolution?. . this one i didnot know. . after thinking. . i replied. . sir, it has to be some minister of information & communication technology but I dont know his name. . he said ok. . have u heard Sam Pitroda. . i said yes sir. . but I dont know much abt him. . so he said ok. . finally chairman
C: so Mr. ankit gupta . i replied yes sir. he seemed to ask. . & i was ready . . on the contrary, he said u may go now.. i was a bit surprised. . then lady & sadarJI also said go now. .so i said thanks and went out.
[ My perception: chairman seemed kind of impressed. . and lady’s and sardarji’s expession seemed satisfactory. . it was like if they fielded 5 Qs. . i replied 3-4 correctly(of course it depends on how u reply and all) . . one more thing. . they were asking in hindi. .and i totally replied in English]
finally, interview lasted around 10-12 mins, though previous candidates were taking 15-20 mins( i was the 4th candidate to be interviewed in morning batch).
so, all the very best friends. work hard. and get success.

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