SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 57

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Atul Wani
MPR, SSC HQ Raipur.
Attendance 17/20.
Panel: chairman+lady member+m1+m2

Grad: bsc
Date: 27 June 2014
C: You have written social science as a subject studied in 10th standard. So, I will ask questions based on social science.
Me: okay sir.
C: Before that, tell me how many members are there in your family, what does your father and brother do.?
Me: told.
C: you have mentioned that, you were recommended for Indian army. Tell me the officers ranks in Indian army from top to bottom.
Me: told perfectly.
C: Is there any field marshal in our army?
Me: yes sir, we are honoured to have 2 field marshal in army and 1 air marshal in air force.
Told him the names of all 3.
C: what is paramveer chakra?Did you have seen paramveer charkra tv serial?
Me : it is the highest gallantry award in our country.
no sir, I have no idea about such serial.
C: okay, tell me some paramveer chakra awardees?
Me : told me 5 names from kargil war.
C: more..from 1962, 71.?
Me : sorry sir, I am unable to recall.
C: who was the first paramveer chakra awardee?
Me: I am not sure sir, but I think field marshal SAM manekshaw.?
C: No you are wrong. I am not going to tell you. I want you to find it.
Me: sure sir. I will.
C: you have done NCC, why didn’t you bought your certificate. Mam, he has got c- certificate.
Me: sir, even I don’t believe, how could I do this sillyness. But I assure you, that I have it at my place.
C : arey yaar, now will get zero for NCC.
Me : okay sir.
C :okay I am done, mam you can ask questions?
L : tell me the reason for your rejection in medical board?
Me: told.
L : and what about capf?
Me: same reason mam, I was unaware of medical standards, I just wanted to give a try in capf after army, but unfortunately, faced rejection.
L: which is your first post preference and why.
Me: told.
L : look at the top right corner of that calendar, and tell me what is it.?
Me : it is symbol of swacch bharat mission in which swacch bharat is written in gandhiji’s spectacles.
L : launched in?
Me : 2014
L: date?
Me : I am not sure, might be in June 2014.
L : why did they use gandhiji’s spectacles in the symbol.
Me: I am sorry mam, the mission was started in 2nd January 2014, on gandhiji’s birth anniversary.
L: 2nd Oct is famous for one more cause, do you know it.
Me : yes mam, it is also the birth anniversary of another freedom fighter but I am unable to recall his name. Sorry mam.
L: did you have submitted certificates of extra curricular activities and sports mentioned here.
Me : yes mam.
L : okay, sir you can ask questions.(pointing towards m1)
C : I want to interrupt. Atul, you are wearing a tie. Do you know, from where it got existence. Who used it for the first time.
Me : sorry sir, I am totally unaware of it.
C: its OK, M1 its your turn.
M1 repeated the first question asked by L, I replied. .
M1: tell me the subject you have prepared well among the three mentioned here, Phy, maths or electronics.
Me: sir, you can ask from any of them.
M1: tell me the population of India.
Me: sir, it is around 121 crore.
M1: and the number of youth?
Me: sorry sir, I don’t know.
M1 : what does an assistant in CSS do?
Me : told.
M1 : what do you mean by a survey?
Me : told.
M1: what is sample in sample survey?
Me : sorry sir, I don’t know.
M1 : (pointing towards m2) sir, I am done.
M2: what do you mean by schedule and questionnaire survey?
Me : sorry sir I don’t know?
M2: tell me the example of schedule survey
Me: ( boht sare sorry sir, I don’t know hogye the toh Mene tukka laga diya)
Sir, literacy rate survey.
M2 : yes, but how is it different from questionnaire survey?
Me: I don’t know sir
M2 : village A:20 births in an year. And village B : 10 births in an year ..which would be your priority for family planing awareness?
Me: obviously village A sir.
M2 : no, there is one more factor you should think upon.
Me: okay, birth rate sir. I am sorry I consider your data as birthrate
M2 frown emoticon fir jabardasti pura samjha ke paakaya )
Okay sir(towards chairman) I am done.
C: you can go now, atul.
Me : thankyou sir.
[Note: statistics Ka paper deke galti krdi. Statistics wale candidates ke sath interview hua.. Ye dono m1m2 statistics wale the…inki wajah se intervw barbad hogya..
Hobby, extra curricular, social service, technical Kuch bhi nhi pucha..]

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