SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 18

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience shared by Ajit

Here I am sharing my Interview experience….

Date-17/06, New Delhi SSC Building, Board C Room No 813. was called at 9 AM. Was third to be called for the interview. It happened around 11 AM,

There were four members-Two male, two female. One IAS and three professor (asked their profile from the accompanying peon.)

Entered and wished good morning. Chairman asked me to sit down.

Almost all the members in one voice–You have quite well profile (MSc in Math form a very reputed institute with 83%). Why do you want to get a job through SSC?

Me- Mam, I am interested in foreign policy, so I want to work with MEA. Everyone seemed satisfied with the answer.

Chairman- Ok, then tell me what does MEA do?

Me-Sir, MEA’s job is to-

1-Widening India’s profile offshore,

2-protect the interest of India’s diaspora,

3-Position India as a favourable destination for the trade, commerce and investment

4-Build partnership with like minded countries in the field of research, security etc,

Chairman-Are you aware of the recent surgical strike that India undertook within the territory of Myanmar? Will you justify such operation? Is not it undermine the sovereignty of the country concerned?

Me-Yes sir I am aware of it. Sir, I have firm belief that this operation must have been undertaken after due consent of the Myanmar authority. Only problem was some uncalled comments by some Ministers and wrong interpretation by some media groups. This operation, though unique in  nature, was necessary in view of growing insurgency in NE states. In the Past India had nabbed Yasin Bhatkal with the help of Nepal, It coordinated with Bangladesh in curbing extremism etc. Sir, as long as such acts and operations are undertaken with full consent of our neighbours, question of sovereignty shall not arise.

Chairman- You can not compare Myanmar operation with joint effort India periodically take with Nepal and Bhutan. You are supposed to work with the MEA, therefore, you must be very precise and clear with what you say….blah blah blha….He shifted the goal post to the lady sitting his right side.

Mam1- Ok, tell some of great Indian mathematics who have done exemplary work in the field of mathematics.

Me- I told 3-4 current mathematicians and 2 ancient including Aryabhatta and Sripadacharya…

Sardarji sitting in the left of the chairman- Do you know anything about rural areas..

Me- Sir I belong to rural area (easternmost part of UP). 

Sardarji- Ok, tell me the schemes Govt has initiated for the rural areas

Me- Told MGNREGA, Mid Day Meal, Jawahar Rojgar Yojana, Indira Awash Yojana, and others schemes specially for the farmers.

Sardarji-Ok, Now tell those schemes which have been launched by the current central Govt-

Me-Clean India Mission, Digital India, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana etc

Sardarji- Have you heard about Jan Dhan Yojana?

Me- Yes Sir, This Yojna aims to bring all the unbanned population under the formal banking channel to increase financial inclusion. Besides that it is one of the component of JAM Trinity (Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhar Card and Mobile Number) which envisages to replace physical benefits with direct cash transfer.

Now Sardarji asked lady sitting in his left to drill me.

Mam2- Suppose you are tasked with the job of improving attendance of Govt teachers working in rural areas. How will you do that?

Me- Mam, absenteeism of Govt staffs specially teachers in primary and secondary education is one of the prime cause of poor governance and sub-optimal educational outcome. Mam I personally feel that if guardians whose sons and daughter study in these schools, themselves become active and enforce the right of free and quality education of their kids vigorously,  it will create a pressure upon the teachers and they will fear losing their jobs if absenteeism continued. 

Mam2-Ok, Are you aware of RTE. Of what age group child included under it

Mam2- form 6 to 14 year age.

Mam2- Don’t you thing it should be increased upto 18 year age as  under the UN Charter, rights are secured for all the children upto the age of 18 years.

Me- Yes Man I fully agree for the said extension. But as of now the biggest hurdle in the proper and meaningful implementation of RTE Act is lack of Infrastructure. I believe the we must sincerely focus on current statue and once we plugged the infra gap, age group could be extended.

Mam2- Ok, you have mentioned International relation as one of you hobby. Tell me how it is possible for India to interact both with US and China while these two countries are at loggerhead?

Me- Mam2- Though US and China have emerged as staunch rival and  working overtime to secure superpower position, in reality they themselve engage on various matters. For example, recently they jointly committed for the reduction of carbon emission. So, it’s quite normal in the foreign policy to engage  with rivals. It originated from the Pt. Nehru’s NAM policy which taught India how to balance power politics.

OK. Now you can go. 

PS. My first preference is Income Tax, but I told the board members that I want to work with MEA only to get things done easily. And I succeeded in making impression. 


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