SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 36

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Sanket shivhare
-BE computer science Venue -Ssc mpr Date- 24/06/2015

2 board were there each having four members 3male and a female member
1-who got bharat ratna this year.
Replied cnr rao and sachin .
Forgot about atal bihari and malviya ji
2- noble prize winner
Replied malala and sathyarti ji
Satyarthi ji k baare me detail me bta diya sav kuch ache se
3- why ssc ? There are ample of jobs in IT companies now
Bol diya ki pahle se decided tha ki govt services me Hi Jana he, stability and reputation factor
4- do u know anything about statics.
Said sorry sir.

5- what is work
Force applied on a body and displacement in the direction of force
6- do pushing wall is work?
Said no
7- from hobby , recent news related cricket
Told about Bangladesh tour
They asked what is the reason India loosing
I replied entry of rahman in bowling squad of bangladesh and their consistency and better performance, I have not said anything negative about India team.. I said they too play well but they played better
8-what is socket
Replied wrong , I said which connects network devices such as keyboard and printer etc
9- what is ethernet
Replied about nic, may be I m wrong ,,
10- what is logical and physical address
Replied – machine address is physical address and is permanent and very device have unique physical address and told about ip address
11- what is statics ip address
Said permanent address
12- how bulb and tube light works
Told correctly
13- what is binary number ? Do computer really understands this or this is hypothetical
Said 0,1 and yes computer understand instructions in binary digits only
14- what is corruption , how to stop it, any law against it
Told and explained well
15- grade pay of tax assistant , and ITI … wink emoticon don’t know why they asked , even they gave me a notebook to write the gp grin emoticon
I think chairman was doing time pass with serious intention
16- do ip address change every time when connection get distorted
Said no sir
17- how ur IT skills gonna help in ssc , it will get waste here
Explained ,they were little satisfied
18- how we broadcast a message
Galat bataya
19-chairman was satisfied with my 7 sports certificate and 1 social service certificate
Ab yar kya pata kitne marks milenge just above border cutoff by 7.5 marks
Hoping and wishing for ip post
Thanks to the group target interview
Unhone Sab kuch different pucha.. But awareness to iss group se Hi mili
Wese members bahut cordial hote he..

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