SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 66

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of shravan gupta.
Interview Transcript: Date: 27th June, 11.30AM

Where: Delhi (NR)

3 members in the board, 2 Male and 1 Female

Chairman : going thru my profile, asked y I quit my private job?

Me: to secure a govt job sir..

He kind of gave a grumpy stare !!

Lady: So in ur biodata, u have written your work exp as a software developer.. so what s/w did u develop? How was it useful to the ppl?

Me: No mam, I dint develop any s/w.. I was part of an MNC and I was a mainframe developer.

Gave her little idea abt our company n my role.

Lady: but u could have done d same through MS Excel too. Y not MS Excel?

Me: I explained the varied advantages of our system- about the security, volumes of data that can be handled, robustness etc.

Lady: Okay.

Chairman: Ur education and job is all from south (Hyderabad). Y did u apply in north(NR)?

Me: Told them that I was in Delhi for UPSC prep when the notification came. But the process got delayed due to CGL’13 court issues. So had to travel to Delhi for tier 2 and interview.

Chair: so u came all the way from hyd for this?

Me : Yes sir.

Both Chairman and lady concurrently said “Oh, that’s great!”

M2: So what u understand by human rights?

Me: told. Spoke about NHRC etc.

M2: What do u know about panchayat raj system?

Me: talked about 73rd /74th amendments. 3rd tier of governace. 3 levels -village,block and dist levels

M2: What is RTI?

Me: told. Spoke about CIC and some of its features.

Chairman: So u heard of rights in constitution?

Me: U mean Fundamental rights sir?

Chair: yes. How many are they? Name few of them.

Me: Well sir, FR’s are included in part 3 of our constitution. We cant say the number exactly as many of them are implicit which are often unearthed and elaborated by the judiciary.

      Broadly they are right to equality,freedom… and constitutional remedies.

      He picked d last word.

Chair: what is a constitutional remedy?

Me: told him. As he was skimming through d profile, I kept going  talking about 5 types of constitutional remedies – habeaus corpus, mandamus, certiorari, prohibition and quo warranto.

Chair: hold on, what are all these?

           Are you sure u know all these? ( he confirmed by asking the ques twice). I confidently said “yes sir, I know them”

      Okay tell me about quo warranto?

Me: told him. I could notice he was impressed.

He concluded it saying “That’s very good . All the best” 

PS: Dont panic. Stay positive!!

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