SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 64

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC NR
Hai guys!! my interview date was 23-06-15. interview started at 2.15pm SSC-NR
Qualification: Btech(cse) Board:G(7)- Ch, M1,M2,1F Members were very cordial.. i am from AP.i wrote exam in delhi good afternoon to all. Chairman told very gud aftn. Ch: you are from me coastal districts? me :told (but missed one.he said its ok) Ch: again he asked tel me states surrounding AP? Me: told Ch:asked the names of four major districts in TS me: told two..i got struck..he said its ok. Ch:do u know Golconda port? explain about it? me: i explained it in my way..(continuing the same topic he asked two or three questions..told ) M1: Tel me about AP-TS u support it? whats ur opinion abt it? me :explained (continuing the same topic he asked three more questions..i explained..) F: how websites wil be created? me: explained something about website n examples F: she interrupted me and asked me abt static and dynamic websites me : i explained abt static and dynamic (but didnt go well.i was nt aware of the topic) F: tel me diff b/w unix and linux? me : explained F: what is super computer? me: told F: tel me the current india’s Supercomputer? me : told M2: why u opt ITI as first pref? diff b/w direct and indirect tax? me : told M2 :tel me diff b/w state and central excise duty? me : i got confused..i explained something..chairman interrupted and gave me clue..i told correct answer.then chairman told now he(me) comes to right point. M2: diff b/w FR’s and DPSP? me : told (Chairman asked shall we go to HC if FRs violated..i said no(i knw we can go accdng to art 226..but that time things went wrong) Ch : ok fine..he asked other members if any queries.. ok u can go… Thats it..

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