SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 29

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Suresh Yadav.

Ssc nr (23/06/2015)
Graduation :BBA
10+2: PCM

Last candidate tha F board m ,
Ek jaruri suchna : jo padhkr gya tha kuch nhi poocha
They asked questions only from MY GRADUATION AND 10+2 (PCM).
aisa lag rha tha jaise wo log hurry m they
Rapid fire questions
3 male 1 female
Questions :
1. What is marketing and its applications.
2. What is management ?
3 . describe the concept of advertising. (Cross questions )
4.what you understand by human resource.
5. Why we are using women in all advertising?
6. If you will be selected then what you will implement first 2 things in the department.
7. Are we using women as a sex symbol in advertisements?( discussion on this for 5 min) . all were old and were asking queations on this like bhukhe sher , koi has nhi rha tha ,na hi positive na hi negative response aa rha tha unki taraf se , m confuse ho gya ki pta nhi ans smjh aa rha h unko ya nhi.
8. What is communication and its types?
Frr marketing start
9. Give the five names of books on marketing ?
10. Tell us the name of author s also( le lo bache ki uff)chup ho gya thodi der k liye mai ( mind block)
Said sorry sir
11. What is light ? Law of light , speed of light , types of light? ( ek hi saanse m sab pooch liya )
12. Acid rain , and formation of this , formula , what are the effects on human ?
13 . two any chemical formula ?
NO questions from hobby, no question from current affairs .
Smjh hi nhi aa rha acha gya ya bura , replied almost all questions except science . it lasts for 18 to 20 mins . hoping for 50 marks .
Dost apne graduation k subjects ache se krr k jaana . all the best guys aap sab ko ..
(411+50) . kuch mil sakta h kya ??

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