SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 56

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SIr  Om Yadav

Hello Dosto,
I hope you got some worth point from my yesterday post . Now this is
My SSC CGL 2013 interview experience question to question –

Name- Om Yadav ( OMPAL)
Graduated . In 2009 (ECE)
Hobby – Yoga , Newspaper reading and organic farming .
After Graduation- I have run a wedding garden in partnership from July 2009 to Feb 2011.
Since Feb 2011 to till date I am working in IDBI Bank Ltd. as Assistant Manager in RAC.
2 Female and 1 Male ( Chairman)
Q. Mr. Ompal , tell me something about your self ?
Q. What are doing after graduation ?
Q. What is current status of your wedding garden ?
Q. Why you start and why you close it ?
( I told them after 2008 recession , I could not get Job i.e I tried very hard but not a single interview was cleared by me . Then I shift my focus to govt. job and I start my preparation . But I could not sit at home for just preparation , so I joined this venture to support myself and my family . I left it ,when I joined IDBI Bank )
Q. Tell me what type of ASan you doing ?
( after reply this question , I told them ..” Sir, If you allow me then I want to tell you something about connection of YOGA and my village . They replied “ why not” . Then I told them connection of Swami Ramdev with my village i.e swami ramdev was yoga teacher in my village gurukul before he became so famous .)
Q. What is organic farming ?
Q. Which organic product you grow and how ?
Q. Why you are not growing of full scale ?
( I told them we are just growing for own consumption and on demand of some relative . they tried to trap me asking some question about farming , may be they are not ready to believe that I am a farmer . But they don’t know farming is in my blood , finally they are impressed and I teach them how they can start their own kitchen garden at their terrace )
Ø They ask some question related to my graduation subject like Laser , 2G,3G and some other basic question. I could not reply some technical question but I think it doesn’t matter . I told them that my technical is not so good and its already more than 4 year’s have passed. They said ok .
Ø They ask some basic question related to banking like full form of CRR SLR, RBI etc .
Ø Hence they told me to leave now , when I was stand up , chairman told me “ what is your opinion on “Baba Ramdev’s business empire and allegation of tax evading “ ( they ask this question because they thinking that I am baba Ramdev follower and I would give biased answer ) I reply “ Sir , anyone can setup his business in our country but any one goes beyond the law and constitution and do any thing wrong then he must be punished .)

After this answer , chairman told “ Excellent “ and thank you . Then I wish all of them “Happy lohri “ .
Marks – 68 .
My interview was in HINDI . हमारा अँग्रेजी मे हाथ जरा तंग so Sorry for grammatical mistake .

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