SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 34

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Subhodeep Bandyopadhyay ( er ZONE)
B.Tech Electrical Engg. T1+T2=462(UR)
Board 3 (2 Male 1 Female)

Interview Shift 8.30 (called at 11.05)
Good Morning ma’am. Good morning sir (did individually as only 2 males)
Chairman: please take a seat
Me: thank you sir
Ma’am: you have mentioned reading page-turners in hobby. What are page-turners?
Me: they are books with exciting content.
Ma’am: JNNURM full form. What is it
Me: forgot the R. rest told
Ma’am: asked about lalit modi controversy. Specifically asked for names of two politicians allegedly helping him unjustifiably
Me: told.
Ma’am: you know vasundhara raje belong from Scindhia family. Can you name a prominent family which has ventured into politics and has a sirname that evokes respect though not associated with the political field
Me: Pataudi (Ma’am smiled at the answer)
Ma’am: what is meant by euthanasia
Me: told
Ma’am: Any other name by which we know euthanasia. Some sort of killing( I was not getting what she was asking until she used the word “killing”)
Me: Mercy killing
Ma’am: recently euthanasia topic was on the news. Can you tell me what was the news?
Me: it was about a nurse in Mumbai being in coma for 41 years. I don’t recall her name Ma’am
Ma’am: have you heard of MGNREGA. Tell me something about it
Me: told.
Ma’am: how many days of work is provided in MGNRREGA and to whom?
Me: 100 days and for BPL families
Ma’am: can you tell me about the recent changes in MGNREGA?
ME: I think no of working days have been increased to 150.
Ma’am: can you tell me the conditions for getting 150 days labour
Me: sorry Ma’am I don’t recall the details

Next interviewer(Male)
M: what is conductance
Me: told
M: what is specific conductance.
Me: sorry sir I cant remember the specific conditions
M: how is heat affecting conductance
Me: explained
M: explain Faraday’s laws of electricity
Me: told
M: can efficiency of a machine be 100% (by this time I was sure that this is a mechanical engineer guy unsure emoticon )
Me: no sir. Then explained my ans
M: can you draw the carnot cycle with graphs and explain
Me: sorry sir I don’t recall it at the moment
Chairman: can you name two contributions of engineers in the medical field that has revolutionized medical diagnosis. And have also got nobel prize for that
Me: I am not sure sir but I think one of them is CAT scanner. Other one I told ECG. (He said USG). I didn’t recall the names of the inventors
Chairman: asked me about some recent measures in the income tax department regarding to tax collection.
Me: (was going in the wrong direction. He stopped me.)
Chairman: do you know about transparency international. What do they do
Me: told
Chairman: tell me India’s rank in CPI
Me: I think its 93 sir
Chairman: do you think it’s a good rank? What are the reasons for this rank
Me: no sir. But I don’t remember the parameters for awarding the ranks (Since the topic was very sensitive. Didn’t want to do guess work)
Chairman: do you know about Constitution?
Me: yes sir
Chairman: what the basic structure of Indian Constitution
Me: Sovereign socialist democratic republic
Chairman: u missed one
Me: secular
Chairman: what does secular mean in context of our constitution?
Me: told
Chairman: Ok . you may go.
Me: thank you sir. Thank you Ma’am.
Kept a smiling face throughout the interview. They were cordial.
Fingers crossed

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