SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 55

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Gaurav Kumar Meena

SSC NR.. reporting time 9 am.. interview starts 12.45.. B Tech (Civil)

entry bht bkwas thi.. gudaftrnun ki jgah gud mrning.. n jate hi chair m laat lagi
board E. members 3.. 1 M chairman 1 M and 1 F
ohkk.. Chairman.. so college m kya likha h.. CBPGEC… fullform.. yeh kaun the.. first chief minster of delhi m quit india movmnt m part lia bla bla..
ohkk.. jl nehru kb birth?? sorry sir.. ohk death. sorry sir.. ohk unke baad pm.. sorry sir..
ohhk UT ko hindi m kya bolte h.. kitni h.. told.. btao.. told name of 6..forgot andaman
ohkk languages constitutn m … i said 7th schedule.. actualy its 8th…name a few.. named 6.. total kitni h… told wrong.. asked dogri h?? maine kaha yes sir j and k m boli jti h.. hai included.
now emergency btao… told article and provisions 42nd 44 amendment.. kyu laagu hui… told.. president kaun the.. told… pmkaun bne.. told.. kitne saal govt chali.. told.. kitne living and dead presdnts h… jada nahi bta paya.. asked kr naraynan jinda h ya nahi.. i said dead h. ohkk kab mare i said 1-2 years back.. (wrong). emergency k tym p ministers kaun kaun the.. told george fernandez.. swamy.. advani.. asked vajpayee the kya.. i told yes sir the.. kaunse minster the.. said yaad nahi soory sir…
ohkk technical waali maam
so mr gaurav gate clear kia h?? mtech kyu nahi.. bol dia intrst nahi.
ohkk earthqauke building design… told 3 points like beam column joints light structure etc.
ohkk kaise contribute kroge.. told 2 points…. what is flyash.. sorry maam..
ohkk abhi ssc m ghuse hnge.. ek jgah spm reading ari hogi..wokya h.. told suspended particulate matter.. asked delhim kitna h.. told maam above 250.. ohk unit btao.. microooooooooo…… maam helped its microns!!..
ohk petrol and gasoline same h kya.. i told different.. accha electronic precptator btao.. bol dia pollution fumes ko trap karta h.. actually maam n poora hint dia.. ohk octane number .. sorry maam.. accha knocking kya hota h?? bol dia maam engine m hota h.. ohkk fractional distillatn?? bta dia thoda bht.. crude oil etc.
3rd sir.. history expert
brics expand…. told
saarc… south asian regnl cooperatn.. ek A bhool gya… member pooche.. told 5…
asked mudra.. told micro units rating agency…. iska b ek d bhool gya.. bta dia sir micro units hte h… maximum employmnt provide karte h etc etc..
congress kab form hui?? told 188….. its 1883 shayad… us time yaad nahi aya.. ohkk kisne bnai.. told.. accha wo kahan k the.. yaad nahi aya..sir n bola england k the kya… i said sorry sir ji..
DPSP and preamble btao.. bola dia..why callled soul of india.. maine bol dia ki sir… power people k haath me h and all.. kah ra accha… not satisfied
accha british k time pe india me oder foreign forces thi. btao.. told.. n btao kahan kahan the told goa in portuguese n french madras… bas
in which year goa integrated in india.. me… 196…….. sir bole soche.. sir itna hi yaad ara h 196……. answer is 1961…
ohkkk you can go… thank you
entry and exit acche nahi the..
bas 50 mil jaaye… chandigrh me excise miljaaye bas.

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