SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 51

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014
NR Date : 27-06-2015 

I am just going to post the questions they asked me !!:D(qki answers toh lajawaab hi the mere :P)
4 members were in the panal (2M & 2F)
duration: Approx 20mins
F1(sophisticated lady:P):
1)Chairperson of Mahila ayog
2)what’s the work of human rights commision ..(along with some cases…explain!)
3) Pillars of democracy, fundamental rights n directive principlesmie difference btao!!..explain art 19A
4)Types of printers
5)FIT ka koi issue chla tha..what was that!
6)Maharshtra k ek lady minister ki kuchnews chl rhi ajkal..who is she?n why is she in news?
7)what is MS Excel …and why it is used?
M1: (whilechecking the bio data form) kiya hai??…. acha!!!(he repeated this atleast three times during the interview)(me: yes sir!!!! yes sir!!! yes sir!!! )
F2: (i dint liked her :P)
1.non -pathogenic diseases k bare me idea hai?koun koun si hai?
2.where do u live..apni locality k kuch trees k naam btao!!
3. neem n jamun k fayde:P (LOL)
4. what’s the work of liver
5. kya kha k aaye ho aj…(me: aloo parantha) usme kounsa protein hta hai (ME: o.O)
M1 : acha kya kya hota hai usme ye bta do!!(Me:phew!!)
M1: Fat se energy milti h??
M2: DAda shaeb falke award kya hai.?? n kinhi panch logo ka naam btao jinhe mila hai yeh!!
M2: Bollywood-hollywood kya hai?
M1(already looking bored..i guess he was hungry): Hollywood kahan hai (me: L.A.)..And L.A. kahan hai?
M1: Processor single b hota hai?…zada bhi hote hai?(ME: answered the ques n told them about multi processors n all )…QuadPro kya hai?..(answered the ques)
M1: koun koun se subjects padhe hai in
phy padha hai? ache tell me about zero law of thermodynamics.
Then,peon aa gya  lunch leke..:D
and usi k sath my interview was over …

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