SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 44

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE 2014
CR region, Allahabad

There were 4 panel members(3M-1F)

Entered the room wished everyone then it starts…
panel head your hobby is internet sufing,
1. What you surf? answered
2.What is optical fibre? answered
then what is pricipal behind it?
hoe it works? what are implications?how you see this evolution?
(every time i answered then another deep part” HOW”)
so guys be ready with sound knoledge of everything you say.
M2–What is computer network (as i am btech student) answered.
2.what is nanotechnolohy.
its imlications.its application, its relevance, how you implement in which field…answered but not satisfactorily..
3.what is computer present generation what are the changes you see in all generations?
answered well…
now M3. What is LLL in programming… and i was like kahan aa gaya main yeh kon si nayi tech evolve ho gayi, aur jaise he maine pehla kadam room se bahatr rakha it was LOW LEVEL LANGUAGE,, Shit what was that,how can I forget it.
what are networking devices, how they communicate,? said about network topology
now F…
1.What is cyber terrorism? i started telling cyber crime .. lady says no its not then i understood then said some lines..
2.who are current terror groups..anwered
3.cyber laws in india? to stop all that?
5.who are them, tell names?


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