SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 43

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL.
Intervw xprnc Er region in computer science. Currently working in electricity board
I1 – why mayanmar in this day in news Me : told I1 what is teesta treety . why Bangladesh against it Me told I1 in which country we dnt need passport Me told I1 simple grammer qstn. Furniture or furnitures? Me told I2 how to calculate earth age? How many procedures r there to find out age of earth. Me:: only told one point I2: what is conductence Me told I2 wht is faradeys law Me dnt knw I2 what is genetic engineering? Told and intrvwr looks like want more. Now the real bamboo begins I3 ex CEO of power grid corporation siting as a head of this panbel staring his ak 47 I3 what is electricity act ? How many acts r there Me told I3 what is power grid Told but not clearly I3 what is the diff between bill and invoice Me dnt knw I3 how many power grids are there in India? Me dnt knw I3 what is the most efficient way toh create electricity Told but he is not satisfied I3 tell me about discom Told I3 what is the procedure to integrate all this power grids Dnt knw I3 what is basis point of grid Dnt knw I3 among all power grid tell the name of the grid where international power supply done Told ..but dnt knw right or wrong I3 which one is the biggest grid for reserved electricity in India? Me : dnt knw I3 in which city discom applied till now? Told I3 what is the name of that company which provide electricity under discom as an private enterprise Me told I3 what is gasious power generation? How many power generation centre are there which use gas to pride large amounts of electricity? Me dnt knw.. I3 what is fuel surcharge? Where you have seen it? Dnt knw. They said it on electricity bill but in electricity bill no where mentioned about it. So I told this and proved it by showing electricity bill. Then they say OK OK I3 why India unit charge based on energy rather than power Me : told about the diff but they seems not satisfied I3 : you may go now Isike saath intervw post pane ki samvabna khatam hoti hain.. Milte hain 2015 ki cgl pein. Much hope hain toh batao bhailog kitne marks mil sakte hain. Ekbhi qstn department se nehi pucha.

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