SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 50

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014

Panel 3 Location: Allahabad

Date: 24th june

As i am working in private company they ask me why u want to leave it?

graduation: B.Tech ITAnswered


Tell me something about your profile.

How wi-fi technology works actually (she was actually expecting some technical answer)

define IT(Information Technology) Answered convert 34 in binary Done

Could not answered, said sorry

Could not answered, said sorry How television remote works Land border agreement and its benefits

which state is famous for tea production?

Answered Modi’s policies and benefits Answered Australia deal Answered what India export? Answered

universal gate and its name

Answered show it on map(as map was there in room) Answered tell me something about Mumbai Answered Answered

What were the conflicts in Bangladesh in 1971 ? n kinke beech war hua tha n why? India ne kise support kiya n some related questions

Nuclear reactor and nuclear fission Answered Answered (partially) And finally they said now you can go. I wished them and came out of the room.

It mein asked about WiFi and tv remote ..

Tv remote mein infrared ka phenomenon samjha na hega

All read about wimax because WiFi ko wahan lejao taaki agla ussay ho

3m , 1f Chandigarh nwr (ecs) Panel 1 — first person in the panel

Q 1: Tell me about water logging problem in your area ?? Didn’t expected it ??

Told water not properly disposed drainage system not good Tell any other reason

Bolaa roads are not good jiske karan paani ek jagah par ruk jaata hai still not satisfied with the answer any other reason i said sorry

Q2 tell me about famous qilaa of your area

Told Q3 tell me about zoo in your area ??

Ptaa ni mere hometown ke baare mein itnaa kaise ptaa tha (bhatinda)

Told M2–Q4 tell me about major health

Told about cancer and the reason for it

issue in your area

Told uranium in the answer pesticides and cotton cultivated area jiske karan jyada pesticide use hota hai looked satisfied

Arsenic cadmium bolaa pesticide mein hota hai then he said never say like this Said sorry n told will take care of it Asked about uranium

F1 — what is smart cities ?

Told alpha beta gamma kehte nahi nahi kuch aur told used in atomic fission reaction btayeya neutron vala thoda kam satisfy lagge Told in brief What is digital india ? Told in brief Exact location of chhotanagpur plateau ?

How holes are created ??

Unable to answer know it was in central india but was not sure so said sorry M3 — technical person What is wave guide ?? As i said fibre optic network in digital india Not answered got confused here Then told about fibre cable told total internal reflection Told by diagram (not satisfied )

Water logging vaale ne fassa diaa think he was head kyunki sabhi uski taraf dekhke bol rahe the ki khatam karre at end he was also not looking satisfied !!!

This was it !!! 10 min approx

Ek do question aur honge

No ques from hobbies extra curricular social work job kuch bhi nahi pucha
God knows kitne milege number ek baat to hai unexpected questions puchte hai
Go without expectation they can ask anything !!! Prepare well

Good luck to those who have interview

Blood Donation Question-

2. Which type of tissue is blood?

1. Ph of Blood

4. Universal Donor and why he is called universal Donor?

3. What is antigen and antibody?

6. What will happen if Rh+ blood is transmitted to Rh- blood group person?

5. What is Rh factor?

7. Why Rh factor is called Rh i.e. Rhesis?

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