SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 15

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience shared by Jannapureddy Krishna

We thank Mr.Anonymous who don’t wish to share his identity but was kind enough to share his experience with us. smile emoticon Lucknow 4 member in panel. 3 male 1 female. Civil Engineering
Hobbies: Reading books, Surfing internet. Question: 1. Name the rivers that flow from your district. 2. Name the canals associated to it. 3. What all agreements happened between India and Bangladesh. 4. How land boundary agreement is going to help both the countries? 5. Why it was so necessary to make our relations good with Bangladesh? 6. Which newspaper do you generally read? 7. What news are there in newspapers nowadays? 8. There is a bill which is repeatedly being promulgated. Name it. (Land Acquisition Bill) 9. Do you think amendments made in bill would bring development in India. 10. Industry development or Food security, which one is important. 11. What relation do you see between two? 12. What is the controversy about minister of external affairs? 13. How Vasundhara Raje is associated to this controversy? 14. Why leaders of some groups are opposing the Yoga day? What is the controversy? 15. What is your opinion on the issue? 16.Well, you like reading books! What type of books do you read? 17. Who all authors have you read? 18. Name the book that you’ve read of Robin Sharma. 19. What is The Monk who sold His Ferrari is all about? 20. Is it fiction or non-fiction? 21. What do understand by fiction? 22. Have you gone through any autobiography? 23. What is the title of the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi? 24. You also like surfing internet. What exactly do you surf? 25. What is your area of interest in internet? 26. What is ethical hacking? 27. Do you have twitter account? Who is founder of twitter? 28. You also have the C certificate in NCC! What is group formation? 29. You must have attended annual camps in NCC. What do they teach there? 30. What do you do in leisure? 31. What is your area of interest? 32. You also have degree in civil engineering. From which college have you pursued your degree? 33. What is the standard size of brick? 34. In cubic meters? 35. How much length of beam we will have to hinge in wall so as construct a 3 feet of cantilever beam? 37. In general, we term it charcoal. What is the term for this in civil engineering? 38. What all the layers in roads? Name them. 39. What type of material is used in horizontal and vertical beams? 40. Did you appear in IES examination? 41. Well, you have C certificate in NCC! Why don’t you join Indian Army? 42. Okay. You tried. What could be possible reason you were not selected there? 43. In NCC, did you get the chance to handle the guns? Specifications??? 44. In engineering what was your project? That’s it.!!! Note: I could have missed a few questions. Read the newspaper before interview, at least have a look of headlines. Prepare the graduation subjects. Be specific about everything that you write in your bio-data form. We’re supposed to be knowing each and everything that we mention in biodata.

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