SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 17

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience shared by
Nishant Pant
June 19 Lucknow
Interview lasted 25-30 minutes,so I only remember the main points

Attendance sheet,DV all done in an hour
3 on the list in my panel,2 was absent so waited outside the room for half an hour….chit chat with the office staff and other candiidates
When called ,entered and all the formalities
3 Male 1 female
The head panelist began by reading all the details in my bio data form,as if confirming
F : So your form Meerut ,historical significance,what actually happened
Answered to the best of my knowledge
F (continues): so you re interested in football?
What is copa America? What happened in yesterday’s match? I asked which one to which she replies the Brazil Colombia one
I told the score ,and abt the neymar bacca incident
Asked me about Dunga,who he is? *told*
F: 3 important personalities of Argentina?
Me: Lionel messi, Diego maradona
She cuts me off and asks me to tell one named not related to football*no answer*
M1: 73 and 74 amendment
structure and all
*Thnx to the guy who shared his experience,I read about it last night only* answered
Asked the detailed structure of panchayati raj system *half answered* 
M2 (Physics professor): second law of thermodynamics, refineries…everything about refieney,,,A to Z …. Polymers ,entropy, detailed question on every step in the refinery
*90% answered*
M3 : panel head: So you’be done NCC also,which certificates do you have? How is the exam conducted? What is a parade,how many cadets in one batallion ,and motto of NCC
*some answered ,so half answered* 
M3 : So you are from AMU?
Tell me about AMU….dontvtake more than 2-3 minutes
What do you understand by the term “jigar”?
Me : confused at such random question
So he tells me that it is a term that he and his colleagues used to address each other when he was in AMU, a friendly term ,part of AMU tradition 
so I told him nowadays we generally refer to each other as “Bhai”
Then he asked about famous people related to AMU, VC’s name, VC’s brother name
Me: answered all
So that was all,they looked pretty satisfied, panel head and female smiling and all in all a very nice experience….expecting 65+ at least

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