SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 60

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of NWR 26/06/2015

4 male members
1. introduce yourself

2. What you have been doing after graduation?? Bata dia upsc kar rha hun
3. Why not job in electrical??
4. Then he came to history-
Name three great emperors
Birth date of ashoka
Why ashoka was great?
Why akbar was great?
I answered all his questions and he was satisfied.
1. Recent achievment of india in space?
Told about MOM then he asked its unique features. Vahi ki first asian nation to succeed in first attempt nd it ws economical
2. Constitution-
Federal structure of india
JK special provisions
Diff between upsc and ssc
Upsc under which article(here i did blunder i said 215)
What is concurrent list?
Overall except one ques i answered him all
M3: technical banda nd leli isne
1. Draw transformer diagram on the notepad…bana dia
2 material of core.
I said lamented iron phir kehta iron ke saath aur kaunsa material hota hai..mujhe pata nhi tha
3. Hysteresis curve pooch liya..nhi aata tha.
4. Then he asked something about wiring…yeh bhi nhi aata tha
5. Formula for sine and cosine hyperbolic function…yeh bata dia..shukar hai
M4: jayada nhi poocha isne
1. Hamare room mein kaun kaun si gases hai…maine bata dia Nitrogen oxygen…phir kehta oxygen kitni…i said 28% ( maha blunder i did)
2 phir pencil dikha ke kehta yeh tip kiska hota hai…pata nhi mere dimaag ko kya ho gya tha end mein…i said lead…..vo kehte nhi…i said inko lead pencil kehte hai…sab hasne lage…:p
In the end kehte bete civils mein maths mat lo(its my optional) nd they said kisi ko sab kuch nhi aata hota…i felt relaxed
My review…i did 2 blunders in the interview…chairman toh khush tha..but mine technical part was weak…..mujhe average sa hi lag rha hai apna interview…baaki dnt knw….ATB puys…:)

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