SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 41

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Mrityunjaya Parasar 

Name: Mrityunjaya Parasar​
B.Tech (IT), Working for 5 years in CTS.
Place: Kolkata (ER Region)
Date: 24/06/2015
There were 4 Panelist including the Regional Director as the
head of the panel.
Interview started around 2:40 PM and last for 15 min.
Head: Why your surname is not Sinha (My Father’s Name is
Binay Kumar Sinha)
Me: Explained
Head: You know Sanskrit. (As I mentioned it in my CV)
Me: It was there during my school.
Head: Why you want to leave CTS? Don’t you like it?
Me: Explained…..I want to serve ppl of India and I want to
do that being among them….though I am paying taxes….(All laughed)
Now he passed it to one of the other 3 panelists…He was
Physics professor (looked like)
P1: (After reviewing my resume) what is the meaning of
Me: Answered Excellence….then he interrupted me what…..I
replied again saying Excellence, Knowledge
P1: Do you remember Physics?
Me: little bit..I can give it a try.
P1: What is light?
Me: could not remember sir
P1: What is Polarised light?
Me: Sorry sir
P1: the material used for transmission of electricity
Me: Fumbled……asked if you want to ask me the outer layer of
the wire sir?
P1: No No….the material….Metal/Non-Metal
Me: I said Non-Metal (At this pt of time I was thinking that
I need to answer the cover of electric wire)
P1: then how electricity flows:
Me: Sorry sir, I thought u r asking abt the outer layer….answer
should be Metal sir….Copper
P1: why copper?
Me: Because it’s a good conductor of electricity:
P1: Why good conductor of electricity?
Me: Because it has free electrons in the outermost layer sir
P1: then it must be electrically charged.
Me: fumbling again….said sir it’s not electrically charged
because it is found as Cu2
He passed it to the next… (the most horrible panelist of my
intv….she was a lady with vast knowledge of everything it seemed)
P2: (after looking at my resume)..who is the father of
Information Technology?
Me: Sorry Ma’m……I don’t know
P2: Who is Shanon?
Me: Sorry Ma’m I don’t know
P2: He developed a
mathematical formula for Information….tell me?
Me: Sorry Ma’m
P2: what is the unit of information
Me: are u asking abt the unit for data….it should be Byte.
P2: No there is another unit.
Me: the smallest unit is Bit.
P2: Yes… tell me the parts of Information.
Me: If you want to ask me about the hardware involved (I
stopped..and thought what am I saying…she is asking abt the information)….Information
has 3 parts…Sender, Medium and the Receiver.
P2: And….what abt source?
Me: By saying Sender..I wanted to convey Source only
She passed it to P3 (An English professor)
P3: Do you enjoy working at Cognizant?
Me: Yes sir..I do
P3: do you get time for reading books.
Me: No sir…..I don’t like it….I work in Night shift so I don’t
get much time for it.
P3: So what u do in your free time? (It seemed he wanted to
ask me about some novel, but as I already surrendered he could not ask)
Me: I play Carrom..Carrom Board (I mentioned it as my hobby)
P3: What is it…Carrom or Carroms?
Me: Carrom sir
P3: Are u sure?
Me: Yes sir…Carrom
P3: have u heard abt Neutron Bomb….what is the difference
between Neutron Bomb and Atom Bomb (He bombed me by asking this….as if he was
there to nail me…..if no novels then Bomb)
Me: (I thought how many times I will say Sorry sir….I don’t
know….and thought of elaborating Neutron)….I started explaining abt neutron
P3: (He caught me)…He said leave it…it means u don’t know
anything abt Neutron Bomb…tell me the difference between Atom Bomb and Hydrogen
Me: answered..fission and fusion reaction
P3: Ok….now he gave me a notebook with couple of sentences
(6-7) written………….he said to read it lauder and identify if there is any error…if
present correct it.
Me: I tried…later thought I might be wrong on 1-2 sentences….now
he passed it to the chariman.
Head: You like watching Cricket….how is India doing in
Me: Indian team is not doing good sir..
Head: Hmm…they are 2-0 down in the series….who is the star
performer of the Bangladesh team?
Me: Mushtfir Rahim
Head: Who?
Me: Mushtafir Rahman
Head: hmm…Mushtafizurr Rahman…..and how abt Virat Kohli?
Me: He is not doing good from last few matches.
Head: Do you think he should be made Captain?
Me: Sir… I am from Jharkhand…I back Dhoni sir….and also
he has proved it
Head: Yeah….I also think so…..ok….tell me the Capital States
of India?
Me: Starting from Gujrat, Maharashtra, Goa……(pause)…Kerala,
Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, WB
Head: Are you sure u have not left any?
Me: Sir I left one….Karnatka (Every one laughed)
Head: Ok…thanks…you can leave
Me: Thank You sir..

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