SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 45

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE 2014

my interview was on 25 june. in Chandigarh…. My stream is CSE…… so generally they asked about my background questions like what is microprocessor eg. where it is used ,

difference between C/C++, OOPS features, Grid computing, what is human resource management, Environment related(both are my graduation subjects) , phonetics in English (i don’t know why they asked this question) and some more… It was an average interview last for just 10 minutes…. as i could only explained 2-3 questions….. For the rest i smiled and said i don’t know but luckily they gave me some hints and i said ya ya that one also and so on …. The only thing they are trying to figure out was that whether I am good at my Engg. subjects or not as I passed in 2012 and then given GATE exam for 2 years straight so they got a clue that its better to ask him from graduation rather than GK so they did…. and thank god as my GK is so poor…. that if they had started asking about GK then i would not be as comfortable as i was in my grad subjects…..and surely made blunder…..

one thing I have seen with these kind of short interviews for 10-15 minutes… is that you have to keep your cool as much as possible as to recall concept or definition in a short time is a very difficult task…. [as your brain RAM cells are consumed by memory resilient virus called “NERVOUSNESS” so if you are more nervous then more cells will be consumed therefore less process pages to be loaded into memory i.e. low utilization of your brain processor (or less execution of processes)…..] (ignore the bracket crap if you are not a CSE student…..  )

one more thing…. Its difficult to judge a person personality or his knowledge in 10 minutes so the panel focus more on your academic performances, your participation in activities, your job experience, hobbies and so on…. which sometime can give advantage to you also…… as if your academic skills are good and if some how you can answer 1-2 questions or simply say sorry to all questions….then still you can get good marks…..  So 1 thing you must do is to mention every participation certificate, blood certificate, writing,fest participation so on…. try to describe your hobbies which shows that you love puzzles like i mentioned Android games like sudoku,2048,LImbo,Unblock me etc… and if you play chess its best of all….. rest depends upon you…..

make sure you smile in the whole interview…. don’t get puzzled, moreover they will give you clues sometimes….make sure you say something regarding that or simply assure them that you know that clue…as this will give a idea about whether you can recall quickly or not…and gives a positive impact…….

So be cool and say to yourself that i am going to chat with my uncle and aunty in the interview room….  ATB!

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