SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 32

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014

interview of one of my frns
My interview experience:

Reporting time 11:30pm
Venue New Delhi
Date 22th June 2015
Documentation done in one and half hour. But my turn came around 3:30PM.
Let me tell about my bio data. ECE from Jaipur 2008-2012 batch.
Hobby playing cricket and watching, teaching (maths students)
Major project IRV system in Banking
Industrial Training CDMA technology.
Bad luck even single question was not put about my hobby, native place(home town, district, state), nor from my extra curricular activities.
There were three members in board. Chairman, M1, F
Ch: so you are anurag ?
I: yes sir, I am anurag Sharma.
Ch: you have mentioned that you read Physics in your school right?
I: Yes, sir I am science student.
Ch: tell me why a electric bulb glows?
I: sir it has a tungsten filament. When current passes through it, it has high resistance so power loss much high. That way it gives light/
Ch: it means every electric wire gives us light?
I: no sir a wire whose resistance is high that gives high power loss and the power is in visible light.
Ch: no no you are not right.
I: sorry sir, I am not aware any special reason behind it.
Ch: Tell me the power of Supreme court in which It can super impose parliament ?
I: sorry sir.( second wicket down)
Ch: a question asked about constitutional process I could not remind that question (sorry for this)
I: sorry sir, I m weak in constitution I straight forwardly said sorry I am not aware.
Ch: he passed the ball to M.(The real game started)(I was thinking I Couldn’t impress Chairman I am gone.)
M: So Mr. Sharma you have done
I: yes sir, I have done in Ece batch 2008-2012.
M: have you heard about invertors.?
I: yes sir, it’s application of O-Amp.
M: tell me differences.
I: I explained the Pin no and all he looked satisfied.
M: do you know what is 555. ?
I: sir I only know that it is an IC which is known as timer and used in microprocessor having 20pins. (later I remind that it has only 8 pins)(looked satisfied)
M: another question from microcontroller.
I: sorry sir, I have not prepared well in microcontroller/microprocessor
M: let me know in which subject/subjects you are comfortable.
I: Analog/digital communication, EDC(electronics and device circuits), DE(digital electronics)
M: any special
I: DE.
M: What are TTL/RTL circuits.
I: explained.
M: what are flip-flops and their application.
I: told
M: what is difference in flip-flops and latch.
M: can you draw truth table for clocked RS flip-flop?
I: said confidently yes( I think he was just checking my confidence)
M: what are adders?
I: told in detail.
M: can you draw circuit for full adder using two half adder?
I: sir I Can draw the circuit only in block diagram not using transistor and all.
M: what about truth table?
I: yes sir I can write.
M:okk tell me more law ?
I: sorry sir I never heard about this law.
M: what are multivibrators?
I: I was telling him in detail but interrupted between.
M: what is modulation and its requirements ?
I: explained but he was asking about power loss. I couldn’t remind but looked satisfied.(I used antenna in this answer)
M: what is antenna loss. In terms of frequency and wavelength?(means relation of antenna loss to frequency/wavelength)
I: sir I have read the formula and antenna loss last night it self but I could not remind. But explained a little. (he said if you could not remind formula just tell us the relation)
I: luckily the formula struck in my mind it was (4Pifd)^2/c^2.
M: he told me you are good. (thanked god something positive). (these questions were round robin hardly took 7-8 mins)
Ch passed the ball to Female.
F: tell me about IRV. Full form and its application(IRVS is the my major project in final year I mentioned in bio-data)
I: told in detail.
F: what are merits and demerits.?
I: 5-6 merits but 2 only demerits.(she was expecting any special but in couldn’t tell her)
F: what are sensors ?
I : answered but not satisfied.
F: what are microwave.?
I: only definition and its wavelength and frequency
F: explained more?
I: sorry mam (I did not prepared in microwave subject)
Chairman thank you
I wished them.

most of questions were technical. if you are mentioning any subject in Bio-data you must prepared well for this.. My interview duration was hardly 12-14 mins. First half was not good but later I managed something.

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