SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 30

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014 NR.

— Okay! My interview experience———————

Had my interview on 22 June. NR.

Panel of 3: A chairman (C), another male (M) and a female (F).

As soon as I entered, 2 major things: The lady specially checked my attire (So yes…dress smartly) Secondly, they were impressed by my graduation in BBS from a reputed college. (Tabhi pata lag jana chahiye tha ke aaj to le li jayegi!!)

C: so… you’ve done bbs. And you’ve done art, skit presentation and defence training  and convergenceeee….what this convergence business event? Sounds interesting! Tell me something about it

Me: Sir it’s the only annual business convention of DU, and my college organizes it cuz it’s an undergrad management college.

C: ok..tell me what exactly happens in  it?

I started telling him.. but he interrupted. C: so whats the topic? (Answered) C: who decides the topic? (Answered) C: and what do the speakers talk about? (I was telling him..but he interrupted me again) C: Ok..just tell me what the conclusion is. When everybody is saying something then they must come to a conclusion right (they don’t really conclude. But I told them the logical conclusion that I could draw. And he seemed very satisfied.)

C: Ok you’re from delhi. So you must be aware about the current misgovernance. Tell me something about it. What is the issue between Jung and Kejriwal?

Me: Told all about how delhi is not a full state. And its administration is different from other UTs since it has a LA. So the powers are divided between the center and the delh govt. Currently the issue is revolving around a confusion created cuz theres no clarity regarding who will take certain decisions. Like land and law…

C: Yes law & order and land are under the center. But its clearly demarcated. If it wasn’t then this issue would have come up earlier. There have been disagreements before. But is level pe? Why is this happening?

Me: Sir, till now, the govts had been working with mutual cooperation. And now the little ambiguities have surfaced.

C: So what exactly is the problem? Why is the current government acting this way? Why are they doing it when its creating lack of governance?

Me: Its cuz the current govt is functioning in a different manner. Like when they formed the govt last year, they resigned within 49 days because…

C: So its political, right? There is a political edge to the administrative issue

Me: Yes sir, politics is also a factor.

C: So what are they saying? What is the political issue?

Me: told them about who’s blaming who for what

C: And you? This is what kejriwal is saying. You think bjp is doing all this deliberately???

Me: Sir, I wouldn’t know if somebody’s doing it deliberately or not. But I feel the general public should not suffer due to such issues.

C: That’s ok. But whats your viewpoint??? What do you think..which party is saying the truth?

All of them: We are politically neutral. You can say anything you want. Whatever is your opinion, is correct. It can never be wrong. Just tell us the reason.

Me: Sir, I’m not politically inclined to either. So I wouldn’t be able to say which party’s correct.

C: Ok! But tell us.. do you think bjp is doing this deliberately???

Me: No sir. I don’t think its deliberate. But even if it is, then its better to not give so much importance to it, because the general governance & public should not suffer in this whole process.

C: Hmm. Ok.

C: So… Now I’ll ask you something comparatively old..from 6-7 months back. J&K mei they had formed the govt thru an alliance. What do you think which government works better? The current one or the earlier one?

(I had no clue about it at all but I didn’t say it directly.Maybe I should have…)

Me: Sir, since im not a resident of that place, I’m not fully aware if the general governance of the current govt is better or the previous one. So I wouldn’t be able to take a stand.

C: (smiles) hmm.. ok. so you dont know about it.

M: But you can say from what you have seen in the news!

C: (was trying to tell M that I didn’t know that’s why I didn’t answer :P)

M: Hmm.. But incidentally your first choice is MEA. So you should be aware about J&K. Its an integral part of our country and is a major concern for our relations with Pak. Here you can’t say that you don’t have political views. We need to know through your viewpoint how much GK you have about that place. If you’re in MEA, you can’t say I don’t have a political viewpoint about it.

Me: Yes sir..sorry. I agree its important. Since we even touch borders with nations like Pak and China

C: So its ok you don’t have knowledge about it. Ok. (I just smiled back calmly)

F: So you’ve done Business Studies. So tell me about Make In India.

Me: Thru make in india, we’re trying to attract FDI, so that we get ample investment from abroad.

F: FDI to pehle bhi aa raha tha. Whats different now?

Me: Ma’am, it’s being promoted since India needs funding for industrialization. So we’re easing our tax regime and clearance systems.

F: (interrupted me) No what I was saying is that now it will bring new management and technology

(dayummmm! I knew that but I didn’t feel it was different now. FDI always brings in new technology and management. Maybe she just wanted to hear those terms.. so agar kisise pooch pehle hi yahi bol dena haha)

F: So what will happen with new technology and all?

Me: new technology and management would ensure efficiency in the system. It would increase production, help increase our exports and reduce our current account deficit.

F: (interrupted again) And what else?????

Me: It will create employment.

F: Yes! That’s what I was looking for! (big smile)

M: So you’ve done BBS, then tell me if you have to make a development index for a country, what all things are placed in it??? (HAAN! Maar do mujhe aaj maine bbs kar li hai to! “Utha lo mujhe koi” wala feeling aa gaya tha)

Me: Sir, income is the first thing counted for while assessing growth. But it can be put in the form of national income or per capita income. Like our country assesses growth by per capita consumption, the amount of calories taken. Employment is the next important factor. Then there is sector wise contribution, primary, secondary and tertiary.

M: All this is taught to us in college, right?

Me: Yes sir, school and college. In bits and pieces.

M: Don’t you think our states are not growing the same way, there’s so much difference in each state. But there are some states which have very high education level for girls. But they are still not developed. Shouldn’t all this be included in development??

Me: Yes sir, literacy and status of women are also important matters. I had just mentioned the economic parameters.

M: hmm… aajkal colleges me bhi yahi parhaya jata hai. Our education system and our society has become very cruel.

Me: (since they hadn’t asked me anything) hmm.. (nodding)

M: Ok then! Thanks!

It took me around 10 minutes (detail mei likha hai to barha lag raha hoga) If any of you have had the patience of reading the whole thing, then do give me your views  And for those who are yet to give their interview, all the best guys! Nail it! 

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