SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 16

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience shared by Luvuj

chalo mera Interview blue print.

reached at 8:45 am..reporting time 9 am

signed attendance sheet and went inside a room

An executive came and called the names in sequence of Board-1 and Board 2….mine was Board-2.

Docx and thumb impression done..waited for interview to start…

from 9:45 to 11:30…damn Man!!! The wait was too much..

Call for 1st guy came in…I was 5th in the queue of attendance sheet..

Then came the moment.

3 Persons

2 Males  (M1 and M2) and 1 Female(F1)…M1 being most senior of the three

Formalities done…

M1: What is your good name (Damn Man!! Good name).

Me: answered

M1: Kaha se ho?

M2: told…M2 gave opportunity to F1.

F1: Ok..So u r in which branch?

Me: told

F1: What is electronics and Communication (extended previous Question)

Me: told

F1: What is the biggest evolution u think has happened in Electronics and Communication..both?

Me: Electronics: told all about ICs, Communication: Went from 1g to 5 g

F1: What is G here (extended previous Question)

Me: G means Generation

M1 (seniormost): Kiski generation humans ki?

Me: No sir, Data Storage and Devices compatibility..from analog to digital generation to high speed internet.

F1: I think in communication this was not evolution…u said data.. something related to it has happened which did change our way to communicate?

Me: said about internet, video conferencing, satellite communication.. but of no use.

M1: Acha ye batao…..stopped… came snacks and chai paani

M1: M2 Sir u can take over

M2: U pay tennis?

Me: Yes

M2: Where? (extended previous Question)

Me: told

M2: Tell me the dimensions?

Me: Sir, For singles or doubles..

M2: both

Me: told

M2: last grand slam..

Me: told

M2: Who won?

Me: Sir Singles or doubles?

M2: Singles

Me: sir men or women?

M2: Are…tell me both now? (very smart..pat came the astounding response from M1.. the comment which took all my game and confidence..This may have been the worst moment of my interview…but i continued)

Me: Stan wawrinka and serena williams.

M2: countries of both the players to which they belong

Me: told

M2: Najeeb jung and Arvind ke beech mein kya conflicts aa gaye?

Me: told about the appointment and section 239AA..stopped in b/w

M2: mene Centre govt and state govt ke conflicts pooche hai?

Me: (Now the interview was going out of my hand)..Sir Najeeb Jung centre ka banda hai and arvind chahta hai ki vo uski baat maane…

M1: (Iska chai paani biscuit sab khatam ho chuka tha) Ok..Mr. Tell me what our the powers vested to Najeeb Jung?

Me: appointment of higher officials and transfer…

M1: appointment ke liye to SSC and UPSC hai aur transfer ke liye to minister hai…Najeeb Jung ka role kya hai?

Me: Sir mujhe Appointment and transfer he pata hai..

M2: 49 days ke liye jo govt bani thi..usme road par kyun beth gaya tha Arvind..protest ke liye..?

Me: Cited corruption related issue..

M2: Nahi Nahi..aise nahi.Main agenda kya tha?

Me: ………………………………….(Ponder)

M1: Acha difference bata do state govt and Central govt ki vested powers mein??


M1: Ma’am (To F1) aap kuch puchengi..

F1: I think we are done for the day..

M1: Ok chalo aapko zyaada pareshaan nahi karte..Good luck.

Me: thank u all and have a nice day.

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