SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 52

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Taloola Singh

 Nothing from Post preference, hobby, Delhi, extra curricular activity

4 Member H= Head M1 M2 L= Lady

H: Y did u leave infosys ?(asked in every interview so far)(stable and socially respectable job)

H: U took a very big risk by leaving infosys without getting any job(told ki busy schedule tha to time nhi de paa rha tha studies ko aur tier 1 me bhi kam aae the to had to take this step).

H: Tell me about your final year project(bta diya ache se yaad kiya tha)

H: Application of your project(told 6 application)

M1: tell me some problems in India(corruption, unemployment, inflation)

M1: India’s conflict with foreign countries(told about pakistan and china tuta phuta)

M1: India’s operation in Manipur(Army ka attack jo hua wo)(told)

M1: what’s going on in Mumbai related to corruption(told about chagan bhujbal)

L1: what is full form of CSR(don’t know)

L1: companies involved in 2G scam(don’t know)

M2: what is current CSR rate(CSR ni pta to bc rate kya pta hoga)

M2: why have u written subject studied in maths and physics only and not core subjects

M2: What did u study in maths

M2: tell me applications of integration and differentiation in real life(told they r low pass and high pass filter but couldn’t tell application)

M2: modulation and demodulation(told ache se yaad thi definition)

H: frequency is measured in?(told)

H: range of frequency used in FM(kacha pakka btaya)

H: OK u can go

only M1 spoke in Hindi rest all in English. I also spoke in hindi with M1 only

pls tell how much marks I can expect

Tier 1+2 =468 want CSS

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