SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 9

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We are sharing with you interview experience of  s.sahyl.Hope You will like it

17/06/2015, Reporting Time: 9 AM Place: Delhi Stream: Electronics and communication Panel of 4. 2 M, 2 F. Male Chairperson
C: So u are more interested in reading and watching news. Tell me 5 important news of past 15 days. ONLY IMPORTANT NEWS. Ans: Disturbance going on in Libya, citizens fleeing towards European nations and European nations working on equating the burden of these citizens. C: Chalo Libya aur European union dono ek hi count honge. dusra bataao. Ans: France will deliver 36 rafael to India with in 2-3 months. C: Ye to purani news hai. Ans: Sir, 2-3 months ka time france ke defence minister ne aaj diya hai aur he will be visiting India to close this deal. C: Aur bataao? Ans: Nagaland terrorist group killed around 18 indian soldiers. C: nagaland mein maara? Ans: No, Manipur mein. Some group named NSCN did this. C: Full form of NSCN? Ans: Don’t know. C: NSCN ke kitne groups hai? Ans: Don’t know. C: Insurgent aur terrorist mein kya difference hai. Ya ek hi hai? Ans: Sir, i think. Ek hi hain. C: Wrong. C: 7 ports ke naam batao. (ain time pe saala ek b yaad ni aa raha ta). Ans: koromandal. C: ye port hai? Ans: sorry sir. i was guessing. C: Don’t guess, jo aata h wo bataao warna bol do. Ans: kochi, karaikal, mumbai…sir aur yaad nahi aa raha. C: ab jo mann mein aaya bol diya. winked answer: no sir. mumbai to hai na. C: Acha, Defence state minister ka naam? Ans: rajyawardhan rathore. C: WRONG. chalo madam, ab aap pooch lo? L1: ye jo free wi-fi de rahe hain india mein kahan kahan diya hai? Ans: Kolkata mein start kiya ta. Taj mein bhi provide kiya. Varanasi mein bhi diya ta. Abhi Qutub Minar jaise tourist places par bhi provide karne ki baat kar rahe hain. L1: ye aisa kar q rahe hain? kya hoga isse? Ans: Mam, they are not providing it completely for free. Initially some minutes will be free then will be asked to pay for the rest. C: to matlab gov bevkuf bana rahi hai. Ans: No sir, i would call it business tactics. C: so u mean they want us to get addicted first then they will loot us? Ans with a smile: i dint say it either. Interrupted by L1: L1: ye wifi se internet kaise provide kar rahe hain. Ans: its not actually wifi but wimax kind of set up for long range services that bsnl is providing. Explained completely. L1: Any bad effects? Ans: On health. L1: so why they are using it. Ans: its microwave that gives the problems and more in Line of sight of antenna. Otherwise will affect in long term, so is being ignored. L1 passed. M2( sardarji): Government ko digital services kaun provide karta hai? Ans: NIC guess he wanted more. Ans: National information centre. M2: cloud computing. Ans: Explained. Passed to L2: constitution padha hai? Ans: Not much, but u can ask. will surely try. L2: How president is elected. Ans: explained L2: and what about PM. Ans: Explained. First president? Told Any lady president? Told. Done. All over average. expecting around 45. what do you guess?

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