SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 7

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014.Hope You will like it
Puys here is my interview experience…venue- Delhi….16.06.2015,,,,morning 9am shift.
interview started at 12.15pm.

There were 3 in the panel,,ek lady aur do sir.
I went in and greeted each of them saying gud afternoon. they asked me to have a sit and i sat.(point-dhyaan me rakhna ki gud mrng kehna hai ya gud afternoon)
M1- so whats ur name??
M1 – so for what post u have applied for??
Me- I said excise inspector.
M1- hmmm.
Me- Sir, My first prfrnce is Inspector in central Excise department.
M1- and whats your second prefrnce??
Me- replied.
m1 – and after that
pehli 8 prfrnce tak batayi tab kahin jaakar shaant hua banda.but gud thng was ki maine bata di.(point-apni prfrnces pata honi chahiye).
m1- have u applied for cbi also??
me- yes sir.
m1-then why have u not put cbi as ur first prfrnce??
me- i said 2-3 main reasons behind that..ek to higher GP aur fir family me koi hai jinhone bataya  hai excise ke baare me thoda bohat so i kind of liked it.
m1-then have u not opted for IT,Examiner or MEa.
me- sir actually to be fair i was really confused between excise and mea,,infact i decided just 2 days back that m gonna go with excise and that too after considering all the aspect..and abt examiner and IT i have not chosen them coz in excise there is a lot of diveristy in work and it will increase when GST is applied.
m1- but kya income tax ka work acha nahi hai.
me- no sir its not like that but in excise i think i can get my home state or atleast near to my home state,,where as in others i might not have got.,thats has helped me to take the final call on prefrnces.
m1- if u r in police,,aur jaise abhi journalist ko jala diya gaya hai,,then in those circumstances to whom u shud be committed ??
me- kuch ghatiya sa bol diya tha maine.fir sir ne fir se kaha ki ye sab nahi,,sirf ye batao to whom u shud be committed….i was smiling all the way while giving answers..par us waqt mujhe laga that m getting a little nervous and not listening to his words properly…so got a hold on myself,,sat straight. and started my reply.
Sir, see..if m in the police dept then i will have orders,,and there is a chain of command which m not suppose to break..and i wud follow the orders given to me.
m1- but if those orders are against the people.then??
me- thinking a little,,in that case i can talk to me seniors aur unse baat kar sakte hain,,puch sakte hain ki hum jo bhi actions le rahe hain how they are gonna help the situation.
m1- my question still remains,,to whom u shud be committed?? the political parties,,seniors..whoo??
me- surely not the political parties sir,,we are committed to the govt.
m1- govt in centre??
me–no sir i meant the govt of india,,for whom we are working.
m1- but thats the point,,the govt is not doing its job properly..then??
me- in that case we are committed towards the public,,as in the police dept we r there for them give service to them….and also sir i can write to the higher authorities as well if the things are not right.
i also said we can write to the minister as well.
fir wo sab thoda sa hanse,,aur bole ki minister ko to aap nahi likh sakte….then i said yes sir thats there,,but the higher authorities are there and surely we can write to them if things are not done in proper manner.
m1- so ye ye aapki hobbies hain,,aapne ye ye exam crack kara hai,,aapne masters bhi ki hai,,to is term ke baare me suna hai?
me- yes sir,,have read a little abt it.
fir us chiz se alag ek term puch li….i said no sir,,i dont know.
m1-balance of payment and trade deficit ke baare me batao??
me-bata diya thoda bohat,,BOP se CAD aata hai and trade deficit is like result of imports over exports.
pura ache se nahi bata paaya lekin,,kacha pakka sa bataya.
fir ek chiz aur puchi thi m1 ne,,constitution se related,,par mujhe dhyaan nahi aa rahi wo baat..kaafi der chali m1 se baat.
ab aunty ke baari
F- delhi ke century celebrate kari thi 2011 me..why??
me- replied..lekin kolkata nahi bata paaya,,bengal bataya jahan se shift hui thi capital 1911 me.
F- repo and reverse repo.
me- so bad,,ulta bata diya tha shayad maine pehle,,but fir correct kara.
F-india gate kyun banaya tha??
Me- replied.
F- banks ka nationalisation kab hua tha??
Me- 1971…galat jawab de diya.,pata nahi kyun 1971 hi yaad aaya us waqt…..fir unhone pucha ki aur kya hua 71 me,,bata diya india pak war,,,,fir puchti us  se kya hua tha,,bata diya ki bangladesh paida hua tha….fir puchi ki who s called the father of bangladesh…i said sorry mam i dont knw abt it….fir bangladesh ka pm puchi,,i replied..then she said unke father ko kehte hain father of bangladesh.
F- so tell me the world heritage monuments in delhi??
Me- mammmm,,,,m not sure abt this,,i know there are a few..
F- let me tell u there are only 3,,not more than that.
Me- one is humayu tomb,,and i think other is red fort,,,,and m not sure abt the third one mam..sorry..smiless,,,,she said its ok..
ab sardarji ki baari
m2- FD aur RD ke baare me pucha.
me- bata diya ache se.
M2- savings account aur current account ke baare me batao??
me- bata diya ye bhi.
m2- GPF PPF aur CPF ke baare me pucha
me- explained.
m2- aapko bhi pension milegi kya??
me-bata diya ki pension ke zamaane gaye,,ab NPS ka time hai,,saara concept explain kar diya NPS ka thik se…fir wo bole ok .thankyou….and i asked,,done sir?? ThanK You ..byyee…..have a nice day ahead kehna bhul gaya,,but khushi khushi bahar aaya,,it felt like that it was gud…around 20-25mins chala….ab batao kaisa laga,,aur kitne marks milne ke chances hain?? looking for excise delhi,,got 60 marks above the cut off in written….kya  lagta hai,,i think 40-45 to mil hi jaane chahiye yaaro….sorry for not sharing this yesterday only..ab bataao jaldi se ki kaisa laga. 

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