SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 5

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We are sharing with you interview experience of Manmeet Mann .Hope you like it.
My interview experience
Date: 16/06/2015
Chandigarh, panel-1 (2 Gents and lady)

I had taken permission and entered the room. Wished them good afternoon after the lady asked me to have a seat.
The man with a turban started the conversation asking manmeet tell us about yourself and I answered that.
Man: you have done msc in physics from panjab university chandigarh and then you went to join canara bank, why you preferred to join bank as a clerk after a high qualification like msc in physics
Me: sir, I dint do well in my masters and because of my average marks I dint getting much opportunities to avail. Moreovewr, my father is in private job so I had to give financial support to my family. So I cleared ibps in 2012 and joined there.
Man: ok, you have studied physics, so can u tell us what are the scaler amd vector quantities with examples?
Me: answered
Man: do you know what is boyle’s law?
Me: yes sir, Boyle’s law states that at constant temp., the pressure varies inversely with volume.
Man: No, its not boyle’s law
Me: (with a lil assurance smile)
I am sorry sir if I am wrong but I read it last night only
Man:(smiling) you are wrong
Its that at constant volume, pressure varies directly with temp
Me: ok sir ( later on I found that I was right, dont knw why he did that because he himself dont knw the answer or was he testing my confidence, although I defend my ans to some extent)
Man: what is the law of pressure cooker?
Me: sir, I am not sure about it
Man: (again smiling) why we cook food in pressure cooker?
Me: sir, because in pressure cooker food cooks faster than the normal.
Man: what ia the reason for that?
Me: sir, I think with the increase in temp, pressure also starts increasing because of the fact that pressure varies directly with temp. So pressure builds up inside the cooker helps it to cook faster.
Man: Manmeet you are from punjab so can tell me some famous poets of punjab?
Me: sir, shiv kumar batalvi, nanak singh
Man: nanak singh is not a poet.
Me: ok sir, is he a novelist?
Man: yes he is a novelist
Me: ok sir, I dint know and said thank you for telling me. i futher told him that there is an another lady poet and (with a pause) amrita pritam and he smiled again.
Then a lady started conversation:
Lady: you have written cricket as a hobby, so cn u tell us recent news around of 2-3 days back?
Me: yes mam, the test match between india and bangladesh ended in a draw resulting in india’s test ranking slid to 4th place.
Lady: hmm, is there any recent controversy related to cricket?
Me: mam am not sure but there is some controversy between lalit modi and sushma swaraj over some visa issue.
Lady: ok, who is lalit modi?
Me: he is ex-chairman of ipl.
Lady: what is ipl?
Me: ipl is indian premier league started in 2008 and in 2015 it has completed ita 8th season.
Lady: ok, what is the difference between ipl and rest of the cricket?
Me: ipl is indian domestic league, with indian domestic n international players get on to play with international foreign players.
Lady: is it good or bad?
Me: mam its good for indian domestic players who get chance to play and showcase their talent at big stage with international players. And also ipl has improving thwir financial conditions also.
Lady: any bad effect of this?
Me: mam, I believe that every good thing has its some bad impact also. As ipl gives so much limelight and money. Youngsters are more attracting towards it. Everyday wants to play ipl 20-20, thats why we are lacking behind in test matches.
Lady: are there any other leagues also like ipl?
Me: yes mam, except the ipl, there is football league called isl, indian super league also, badminton league there and recently kabaddi league also has started
Chairman (at the center): there is hockey league also
Me: yes sir, there is also hockey league hil.
Lady: ok manmeet you can go
Me: thanku sirs and thnku mam.
Friends, I will be disappointed if I get less than 65

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