SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 4

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Gurvir singh Mavi .Hope you like it.

My interview experience

Panel 1 Chandigarh
There were 3 members in the panel 2 male and 1 female. I entered the room and wished them.
M1- So you have done and from which college?
M1-What were you doing after completing your graduation in 2013?
M1- When was construction of chandigarh started?
M1- Difference between pondicherry and chandigarh? Difference between there administration?
Me- Explained administration of chandigarh but not of pondicherry.
M1- Role of punjab governor in chandigarh administration?
M1- Symbol of chandigarh?
M2- Various types of mechanical equipments?
M2- types of material used?
M2- what is a blood group? your blood group? is it universal donor or accepter? (as i have written in bio data form that i have donated blood)
Now F1- Universal accepter?
F1- Asked me about the area which i have stuided. I told her current affairs. So she asked about recent happenings. Asked about Lalit modi controversy and BBIN agreement(who signed it from india side?
F1- Female cabinet ministers?
F1- what is hrd? (as i named simriti zubin irani)
F1- MP from chandigarh?
Then they said thank you and i left the room. Duration was 10-12 mins.

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