One Year Completed for SSCNAUKARI

Hello Friends,
Today One year is completed for our website WWW.SSCNAUKARI.IN. First I want to say thanks for all your support and love for this website.I started this website one year before when all SSC aspirants were very frustrated and suffering from CGL 2013 Trauma.  
I made this blog in June 2014 when I left TCS and Offer of Canara Bank PO and before joining of  TA CBEC.I was devastated at that time due to SSC Exam Cancellation and due to financial crisis.I remember the time when CGL exam was cancelled and I was on loss of pay in TCS and so I have decided to resign from TCS for preparation of interview post and in the meantime joining of CGL 2012 delayed due to PVR.CGL 2013 cancellation is really painful as career and relationship of many of aspirants ruined.Same happened to me
also.Many of aspirants at that time didn’t use to talk with friends and relatives and as they have to answer the questions regarding SSC that why r u preparing for such exam which paper is cancelled again and again,Why don’t you try banks,Why you left your private job,Are you still preparing for CGL 13,Why are you going to join clerical job and left TCS and PO and they thought that you are giving silly excuses for your failure.Sometimes it is really tough to switch your career because due to peer pressure as you see that in social networking sites that your friends are switching to other companies and getting fatty package,cracking IIMs,uploading Onsite pics, getting engaged and married,your juniors are entering in IT jobs and selected in Bank PO and clerks and you are still giving exam that even after clearing exam you are not confident to get job.All of CGL 2013 candidates faced this trauma and I was also part of it and even after giving interview after SSC CGL Re exam we was not sure about selection due to some coaching and student ‘s self interests
So I started this website to do some creative for mental satisfaction that at least i m utilizing my technical Knowledge to some extent.As there was no website available which was dedicated to SSC and give latest updates. SSC Aspirants had to joined different Facebook and whtsapp groups for getting updates.Some other websites are still available for SSC exams but I still don’t know why still they are not able to give at least latest updates although they belongs to big coaching.I remember that i used to update this website at 5 A.M between my studies.This website gives me immense mental satisfaction that I am helping financially poor SSC Aspirants who are not able to do coaching  and also those aspirants who are already in job and not able to do Coaching and are not able to get recent information and updates about SSC. 
I promise to you all that i will always try my best to help you all and try to give you latest updates and preparation tips.Some times I am not able to update you due to internet connectivity problems and some other issues but I always try my best to give you best content and information.

And in last I want to say thanks for all your best wishes and support that I am selected as ITI in CGL 2013   
Regards –  Arjun Singh

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