SSC CGL 2014 Latest Vacancy

Hello Friends,
We are sharing a RTI  in which latest vacancy in SSC CGL 2014 is shared.
Vacany in CBEC (Central Excise Insp. PO,Examiner) increased from 5554 to 6015

Vacany in TA in CBEC increased from 2618 to 2959
Vacany in Statistical Post is increased from 0 to 381.
Vacany in AEO is increased from 0 to 60
Vacany in Inspector of post is increased from 0 to 102
Vacany in Assistant Gade(4600) increased from 25 to 62
Vacany in Assistant Gade(4200) increased from 122 to 124

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Note:These vacancies are shared by a SSC aspirant who filed RTI.We don’t take any responsibility regarding veracity of this RTI. Vacancies might be increased or deceased at the time of results

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