Some useful points for Typing Test

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you some points regarding Typing test.

Typing is the first of three modules in CPT. This one, as per me, is most important as you have to have good practice to build the required typing speed. Usually, this is where people have a laid back attitude.

People think that since they have been using a computer for years, they must be good at typing already and can afford to leave it for the last few days before the actual exam.
For your own sake, do not make the mistake of being casual. If you do not qualify the typing module, the other two will not even be considered.

Now, coming to the technical part. To qualify in typing, you must be able to make 2000 key depressions in a span of 15 minutes flat (NOTE: Key depressions include ‘space’). It means approximately 27-28 words per minute. This is websites available on which you can practice and know your speed and accuracy level.

You must aim at about 34 wpm at least. It is better to be comfortably above the necessary word limit to be able to perform well in the actual test.
In the actual exam, you will be given a sheet with typed material in it. Its key depressions count will be given at the end, which is 2000 or slightly over. Then you will type the same within 15 minutes. A good speed is a requisite as it is always better to finish off typing early so that you can check for errors and make corrections. Please study the attached pdf file carefully. It is a step by step guide with image description and will help you know what your screen would look like during exam.
1) If there is spacing at the beginning of a paragraph, press Tab key once.
2) To start a new paragraph, press enter key only once.
3) Shift key is allowed and you can hence use it for capitalizing (Shift + Letter key) or for special characters such as :, “, &, etc.
4) After full stop, only one space is used to start a new line.

5) Only typing is to be done. No formatting (bold, italics, underline, etc.) is needed.
6) You will be given a sheet with printed material and total 2000 characters approximately.
7) 2000 key depressions includes spaces also.
8) Do not press Ctrl key or any function keys.
9) Do not press save unless you are done typing as once you press Save, there can be no further editing.
10) SSC uses its own software to conduct typing tests. Please see File Section for the Typing User Manual in which screenshots of the actual software is provided.
11) Typing is similar to typing in Notepad. No error lines will be displayed if you make any mistake.
12) The timer will start only after you press the Start Test key. After 15 minutes, whatever you have typed will be automatically saved and the screen will freeze.
13) The written material will be of simple nature – alphabet, digits, punctuation only.
14) The keyboard provided could be Dell or HP. But remember that in many cases it’s been seen that the keys are hard to press and are often closely spaced. Also, it may be that Tab, Shift, Enter, Caps Lock, Back Space is not written on the keys and just their sign is shown.
15) Typing on Laptop is not the same as typing on pc keyboards. So practice accordingly.
16) Excel and PowerPoint (Module 2 and 3) will only get evaluated if you qualify typing.

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