CGL 2013 Interview Experience shared by Dev Pandey Rishi

Hello Friernds,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Dev Pandey Rishi selected as DA in SSC CGL 2013 rank 2258, score 493.5, interview =62 venue=Allahabad
dis is the last n final stage of cgl n i think the toughest phase too in comparison to all other stages as we have no idea what to study n how to prepare… here I am sharing my views n its
totally up to u whether u follw or nt and if u will take care of the few things I am mentioning here, will benefit u alot and if u wont follow than benefit u even more tongue emoticon.. 
interview is 80 percent about testing ur personality and rest ur dedicaction towards ur responsibilities mtlb aap apne kaam ko kitna mann se krte ho.. jo b interview k liye call kiye gye hain they knew everything better than me n congrats to u all.. so 2 3 important points jo maine experience kiye.. 
First aap interview panel mein argument na kre kisi bt ko le kar or kbhi negative answers na de mtlb kisi question pe ye na bole ki sir ye rtoh mera subject hi nhi rha kbhi n all dat.. if u dnt knw d answer simply say no… n dnt rply promtly take few seconds n try to think than say no… aisa na lge panel ko ki aap pehle se soch k aaye ho no bolne ko.. mere sath bhut logo ne aise answer diye ki sir ye toh sylabus mein nhi tha n all that or unko 50 se upar marks nhi diye gye… 
second point speak politely to members… dnt stare at them… aur sbhi ko pata hai interview is as important of answering all question at d same time the way u listen d members… so dnt make any mistake n try to understand in one time what they r asking so b carefull while they speak…
nw my interview:- 
panel:- 3 male , one female
m1: hello mr. xyz welcome .
(wahi chutiyapa wali batey thanku n all dat , baitho abhi tmhari maarte hain…etc etc :-p)
m1: what is d meaning of ur name.
m1: do you know any law where men and women treated equally.
(jhand sale .. yahan her jagah women ko previllege miti hai, ghanta equality… tongue emoticon khair I answered after taking little bit time)
m1:recently in few states elections took place,name d states?
m1:after how many yrs elections held?(5yrs)
m1:is there any exception ? (yes sir, JnK, after 6 yrs)
m1:whats the present situation in JnK? (answered)
m1: who is d governer of JnK ?(answered)
m1: u knw shri n.n. vohra’s background? (sorry sir )
(abe chutiye kia kis ka background pdhta sale… sunny leone ka pata hai bol toh batau :-p)
m1:recently the central goverment changes governer of few states n forced them to resign? whats ur views? (wahi the hindu ka chutiyapa bak dia )
m1: these elections held for each house of the parliament after 5 yrs? 
(nhi sir, only for loksabaha, normally the elections held after 5 yrs , n rajyasabha is permanent house wo wahi marate rehte hain… fir issmein isne idhar udhar k bkwas kia ki permanent hai toh member kaise change hte hain bla bla bla…, sari bc ho gyi iski…)
m1:wid d change of government which officer has to immediately resign frm his ofice, centre n state both? (Attorney General, advocate general.. yahan maine thoda time lia maine speaker bhi answer dia jo inhone nhi mana… aur fir sb bebas bache ki maarne lge)
ab m1 bola ki sir aap log kch poocho.. jaan mein jaan aayi ki fursta mili sale se
m2:u did (yes,sir) , u knw metal n non metal? (jo budhi thi wo btaya, per sale ne aise muh bnaya jaise uski beti ka number maang lia maine)
m2:how steel is produced? iron n steel , metal or non metal? 
2 3 aur pooche tey jo mjhe yaad nhi.. mera subject chemistry nhi tha after 2007.. toh isko mai lgbagh kch na bta paya .. aur baar sorry bolna pda…
m3: haan toh kya pooche aap se? ( as i couldnt answer well those chemistry questions isiliye aise question poocha).. 
m2:what u studied in physics? (my academic subject, per aise sawal ka kya answer de still thinking.. chup chap muskura raha tha per ander se usko galiyan de rha tha sala chutiya.. ab time pass ho rha tha salo ka.. )
m3:acha equations of motion btao?(answered accurately)
m3:u knw maxwells equation? (answered)
kch aur pooche physics mein n I answered most of n shayas sbhi…
ab maam ki bari..
w: so ur hobby is reading books.. which type of books?(inspirational n motivating n jahndu n baam tongue emoticon.. )
w1:which writer u read most?(galti se sbse pehle chetan bhagat nikal gya.. khair fir kalamji k name lia toh uska muh seedha hua)
w1:acha koi famous book ya writer jo aap ne pdhi ho? (kamini ye kya tere naukar hain sb jo bataye… madom, munshi premchand.. sala allahabadi log ki pasand ka idea tha thoda..bura na maan na allahabadis tongue emoticon )
w1:unki koi book?(madom , Nirmala)
uski detail pe charcha hui , bina chai ko charcha.. tongue emoticon 
kch aur question pooche farzi k jo biodata mein tey mere… unmein se hi jyada tar.
w1 to m1: ok sir I am done.. 
m1:ok beta aap ja skte ho…
smile emoticon bolo bajrangbali ki jai… marao salo yahin baith k mai ja rha hun.. aur na hua select toh tmhari maka naka shaka… 
last point fr u guys ki aap current se bilkul update rahiye or per day news paper jarur pdhe… apne academic subjects ko jitna behtar revise kr paao kr lo that will give u enough confidence n u will perform better….
aur last moment hai so one more thing, frm now u strt behaving like interview mode i mean everytime frm now on u think that u r giving interview, practice to speak in proper way to everyone u meet like they r the interviewer .. one very famous line “if u want to become something, behave like that.” so ur way of talking to people, even tomur parents , ur friends like an officer… i use dis trick n believe me dis one is d best one….halaki mjhe itna bhi benefit nhi mila per thk hi tha as compare to my personality n knowledge tongue emoticon
baki best of luck n hold ur breath , dnt get hyper….. aap ne itne phases clear kr liye hain so interview is nothing fr u but as i told before sb se jyada fat ti yahi hain tongue emoticon per koi nhi enjoy it too… n pls dnt do corruption after selction n i knw the generation has changed n we guys will work as a public servant n never try to become their master…. thanku smile emoticon

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