Statistical Investigator Job profile

Statistical Investigator Job profile

We are sharing with you Job Profile of STATISTICAL INVESTIGATOR .Hope You like our efforts.

1.Pay band and Salary  
 Pay Band 9300-34800 and grade pay 4200

Nature of Job
Two types of posting is there at this post:
i) All type of clerical work like Noting, Drafting, Dispatching of documents, etc.; and Data Entry, Analysis, Tabulation, Compiling and Editing of Data, Data Encoding etc.
ii) Data collection of any type of area like agricultural, ration etc, preparing rough sketch maps of areas to be enumerated etc. When on a field work he is entitled for certain allowances; Rs 500 or roundabout.

Nature of work is depend on which department u r posted.if u posted in FOD then your duties will be conducting diff kind of surveys viz. socio-economics, consumer price index, rural price index, wholesale price index, urban frame surveys etc.This is basically a field job.You need to visit field regularly.Some times for several days continuously.But people posted in non FOD section their duties are different and this is pen paper type.Its job is to investigate in the field and visiting and investigating is the heart of the job who r posted in FOD section and yes its safe for girls as many girls are working and they did not face any problem.
Work load is there but its quite fine and well bearable as this duty is in the field if u complete your field job well before the schedule time.

i) Sr Statistical Officer (Group-B Gazetted)
ii) Assistant Director
iii) Deputy Director, Joint Director and so on. 
But in reality Promotional aspect is very slow.For getting the first promotion u have to wait for at least 5 years.Next promotion may take as long as 20 years.For your whole service period u maximum can be promoted to assistant director.
there is rumor that concern ministry is thinking about making this post gazetted but is not finalized yet.So u will be posted under 4200 grade pay.

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information. 

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