My father was a labor and mom was also working with him

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We are sharing with you motivational Story of a CGL Aspirant who suffered a lot of pain to get Job in CGL13. We hope that it will inspire you and you will feel that how much pain aspirants suffer to get selected.This is story of Mr. Ghan Shyam  Verma who got Assistant in AFHQ post .
So here the Story Starts in his words
On the demand of some of my friends I m writing about my small success story so that some of my friends get motivation from this.. Well I m born in a slum of east delhi called RAMANAND CAMP , west vinod nagar delhi-
110092. My father was a labor and mom was also working with him. Daily income of my family was not more than 80-100 rs. When I became of 5 year my father put me in a local m.c.d school. My environment was worst for any study purpose. People from criminal background murderer, rapist, thief, drunken etc a typical slum area. Daily fighting of the people was very common in that time. Due to death of my TAUJI( fathers big bro) my family had to shift Rajasthan and my father left me in slum for my study purpose in 8th class( 2001). Now due to lack of money I had to do many kind of works. I had to go in parties as a waiter to clean plates or sometime as a English waiter( those who wear dress in parties). I usually come at home from school at 6:30 pm and at the same time I had to go in parties and had to come at home in early morning usually at 6am or 7am (I cant forget these days). I earn 70-80 rs per day.. Well above all this I topped my schooling till 10th class. I decided to take science PCMB and took admission in a reputed school of DARYA GANJ (ASVJ sr sec school) and at the same time my father got suffered from CANCER. But still he came delhi so that he can earn some money for me to buy books. Many refreshers like pradeep’s n all were so costly. But by luck one day when I went to take water in a park I met with a lady don’t how she knew about me and she offered me her child books in 11th class. Suddenly in sept-2004 I got a sad news about the death of my papa. Now there is no one to look after my family. I have 3 younger bros and one younger sister and mom. People of my village advised me to quit my studies and look after my family. But I remember the pain of my fathers hard work. I decided to continue my studies. I got passed with poor marks in 11th class and suddenly in 12th class one great person came my slum and offered me to teach her daughter in 10th class. He paid 600rs per month to me. Now it was enough for my expenditure on education. Remaining I managed with my work as a waiter in parties. After some time in 12th class my slum was demolished and again I was on road. I slept more then 12-15 days on road with my books and went school from there. I took a room on rent in west vinod nagar only. I passed my 12th with satisfactory marks. I got admission in d.u in maths honors and studied one year there parallel I became stronger in tuition carrier now I was earning about 3000/- p.m. I topped d.u in 2006 in first year( got 100% marks in vector algebra). But I was not satisfied with this course so I took admission in B.Tech (IPU delhi) and continued my tuition. Now I was becoming stronger financially and left my job of waiter and giving my whole extra time in tuition. I completed my engineering with my own money earned by tuition and at just after completion of I took admission in M.B.A( c-dac noida). In 2012 I was selected as an auditor in hyderabad, FCI etc and now in 2015 I m again selected as assistant in AFHQ delhi through CGL-13. Now my whole family is on a happy note. I have purchased my own home in delhi( which I used to dream only) by the money earned through tuition and have all those things which I wants from my life. My brothers are studying in a reputed schools and sister got married. Guys u may find many error in my English plz ignore them. P.S: never give up and always be positive in ur life. Do hard work it always work.

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